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Today could be the last time we see 70 degrees for a long time folks. Get out there and enjoy it!

A strong cold front will be affecting our area and put an end to the mild Autumn we have been enjoying so far with the first freeze possible Friday night.  Better enjoy the tomatoes now and get that swamp cooler buttoned up!

Some details of the upcoming storm:

  • Pre-Frontal Winds will begin to pick up today with 15-20 Mph and Gusts to 30 down in the desert and much higher up on the mountains.  Tuesday expect even higher winds with gusts in the 40s in the valleys and over 70 up in the La Sals
  • Temperatures will be REALLY nice Today, but start to drop on Tuesday.  The highs on Thursday and Friday are only in the mid 40s with a possible light freeze coming Friday night.
  • Chance of rain and showers Tuesday night through Wednesday
  • Winter storm watch for the mountains of western Colorado Tues night through Thursday above 9000 ft.  4-8″ possible at 9000 ft and upwards to 12″ above treeline.