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La Sal Mountain Winter Condition Report 11-27-17

Greetings from Moab Gear Trader, Moab’s Winter Sports Headquarters!  Unfortunately,  if you were hoping to slide on snow, there just hasn’t been a lot of winter to be found.  Plenty of folks have been out taking advantage of this extended autumn though!  The past holiday weekend filled Moab with outdoor enthusiasts of all types.


Currently, the La Sal Mountains have basically no snow to report.  The few dustings that have occurred have retreated to the deepest north facing woods.  Hope in the form of a 60% chance of, wait for it…….1.1″ of snow tonight!!  Long term forecasts show a few possible disturbances over the next 10 days, but not much in the way of precipitation.  The good news is that the temperatures in the desert will climb to the 50s every day for the next week, so don’t put the rack, bike, or paddles away yet.

Winter Gear

Despite the lack of snow, we are now currently accepting snow sport specific items on consignment.  We already have a large amount of skis, boots, ski jackets and pants, snow shoes, snowboards, avalanche gear in stock.  Please check for details!


Right now, unless you are in Montana or Idaho, there isn’t much snow to speak of, and what is up there is melting.  Image from


LUNA plans on grooming our Nordic system when it snows!


Grand County Roads will be plowing the Geyser Pass Road the same as last year.  Thank you!