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Conditions Update:
It is a perfect time to head down Labyrinth and Stillwater canyons. The weather is cooling down for the rest of the week and probably the rest of the year. No more 100 degree days! The lack of monsoons have keep the beaches mostly mud free. The bugs are almost non-existent. The ramp at Mineral bottom is as good as it gets. Check out our river conditions page here for up to date flows and forecasts and weather conditions here. Thanks to guides from Sherri Griffith Expeditions for the update.

Some tips to make your Labyrinth Canyon trip the best.
– Drink water, wear sunscreen, and lip balm. Dehydrated, sun burnt, and chapped lipped is noway to go through life son! Plus, bring enough to share, someone in your group surely didn’t bring enough.
– Leave camp early. The winds tend to be the fiercest in the afternoon, so don’t lolly gag in the morning. Save the chillin’ time for happy hour AFTER you make it to camp nice and early.
– Communicate with other river user users as to where you intend to camp. Be nice and work things out if you are both planning on the same spot. There are miles and miles of beaches this year to share.
– Don’t fight the mud….just go with it. You are going to get very dirty and love every minute of it. But if you stress about mud on yourself or your equipment the whole time, it will be miserable. The fine silt of the Green River will find it’s way into everything. The trick is to know when to clean it of, or forget about it.
– Take a map and follow it. This is called Labyrinth Canyon for a reason.
– Some recommended hikes:
– Trin Alcove (Three Canyon)
– Bowknot Bend
– Hey Joe Canyon & uranium mine
– 2 Mile Canyon & 5 Hole Arch
– Horseshoe Canyon. It is possible to backpack up to the pictograph panels in Canyonlands National Park, but plan on at least an overnight. Also, don’t occupy a desirable camp while you are away hiking.