Project Description

I helped haul the new Gold Basin yurt into position with Talking Mountain Yurts yesterday.  I can’t wait to spend a night up there in comfort!  The Geyser pass yurt is already built.

Snow cover is thin, but definitely ski-able and FUN with Nordic touring gear.  Snow depths ranged from a few inches in the sun to almost 24″ on north facing aspects.  I would not recommend trying to make too many turns on the steep stuff yet, as the hazards are barely covered.  PLEASE BE CAREFUL.   Don’t ruin your whole season with an injury this early.  This is the one of the earliest days I have ever skiied in my life, and definitely the earliest in the La Sals.

The road to the Geyser Pass parking lot was mud/snow/ice covered but passable with 4WD.  Past that is much deeper and I don’t recommend driving any further.

A fast moving storm will add to the snowpack tonight.