We make selling your gear convenient and easy

With more than 2 million visitors coming into Moab every year, Moab Gear Trader is in exactly the right spot to attract a steady stream of customers in search of good times … and good gear.

That’s why it’s a breeze to help your gently used gear find a new home when you sell with us. We have a huge customer base in search of adventure … and the gear that makes those adventures great.

Plus, our experienced, knowledgeable staff is on hand to help represent your outdoor gear directly to those customers in an inviting retail environment.

Forget the hassle. We’ve got the customers ready to buy what you’re selling. Just stop by or ship us your your gear and let us turn it into cash for you.

This is not a complete list. Give us a call with any questions!


Camping Gear
Stoves, camp dishes
tents, sleeping bags, shelters
Coolers, chairs
Climbing Gear
Motorcycle Gear
Pants, Jersey, Pads, Helmets, Boots
Hiking Boots & Shoes – clean the tops and the BOTTOMS
Sandals – especially Chacos!
Clean, quality, name brand outdoor branded clothing. It can be a casual item as long as it is a high end outdoor brand.
Tank Tops – Must be MINT & MODERN
Fleece – must be excellent condition. No fur, hair, lint, or piling. It is not huge seller, and must be in great shape.
Down & Synthetic Insulation – Jackets and vests are great sellers and therefore can be stained, but not dirty. Basically, as long as you wash it first, we will take it.
Softshells – always great sellers in any condition as long as they are clean
base layers
Hat’s, gloves, neck gaiters
Clean cycling clothing & helmets
Bike parts – we only sell parts that fit all/most bikes as opposed to pieces that only fit a specific model or drive-train. Things like handlebars, saddles, lights, etc..
Shoes – MTB shoes only for now

All gear must be clean and ready for use.

  • Rock Climbing
  • Excellent condition outdoor clothing for ALL seasons
    • Brands like Patagonia, Mountain Hardware, Prana, Arc’Teryx, Marmot, Filson, Pendelton,
  • Motocross
  • Cycling
  • Backpacks – large and small
  • High end tents
  • Hiking Boots & Shoes (CLEAN!)
  • Team Sports gear and clothing (baseball, soccer, basketball…)
  • Inflatable mattresses
  • Leather sandals
  • Alpine(Downhill) ski gear (maybe if it is only 1 or 2 seasons old)
  • Skinny/old telemark skis
  • most bike parts (call us if you have something that you think will sell!)
  • Clothing
    •  Swimwear
      • NEW with tags is OK
      • Board shorts are OK
      • We don’t accept most used women’s swimwear, but some exceptions are made for high end excellent condition items.
    • Underwear or sports bras
    • Yoga pants with flared ankles
    • Tank tops must be MINT and MODERN
    • Team sportswear
    • Track jackets & Pants
  • Convertible Travel Packs (Duffel bags with backpack straps)
  • Scuba/Dive Gear

Currently NOT accepting ski gear and clothing for consignment. We cannot predict exactly when we will begin because it is based on weather, inventory, and demand but expect sometime in November. Watch our website and facebook for updates
We are looking for mostly backcountry styled clothing
Jackets & Pants – Most name brand jackets from the last few years. The older jackets will be evaluated on a case by case basis.
Winter boots – clean, quality boots
Nordic Skis – Anything with a waxless (fishscale) base. Waxed bases will be accepted as long as they are modern. All modern bindings accepted.
Touring Skis – functioning touring skis of any era
Telemark – Only modern, wider skis. Old skinny tele-skis do not sell.
Snowboards – Most boards in good condition
Snowshoes, ice skates, sleds……

Thanks for your great gear!

Ready to get started? Here are a few questions you might have.

Even if you don’t live in Moab, you can still take advantage of our professional retail environment and passionate, helpful staff to help earn you top dollar for your quality gear.  In fact, folks from across the country sell their gear with us, and we mail them a check!

We accept CLEAN, HIGH QUALITY gear and clothing for almost every outdoor activity including climbing, hiking, backpacking, kayaking, rafting, road and mountain biking, backcountry & Nordic skiingmotocross, camp cooking, sleeping bags and pads, footwear, and clothing. We do not accept golf, team sports, or exercise equipment. We do not accept broken, worn, incomplete, smelly, dirty, or worn out gear.
That’s simple! Selling your gear takes time and energy that you could use to go play outside! Plus, our clean retail space, knowledgeable staff, and large customer base adds up to a higher price for your gear, which means you’ll make as much as you would selling on our own. So forget the hassle of photographing, advertising, communicating with buyers who might not show up, haggling over prices, and sketchy buyer meet-ups, and let us do the work for you! We’ll even take your out-of-season items.
Need money now? Sell your gear to us outright – we pay an average of 30% of sale price for clean items in good repair. If you’ve got time to spare, consign your gear to us for the best deal – we’ll pay you 60-80% of our sale price after your gear sells. If your gear doesn’t sell, it’s yours again – no fees!

That’s the easy part! Just clean your gear, drop it off, and get paid when it sells!

  • CLEAN YOUR GEAR – We only accept clean items that are ready-to-sell. That means your gear must be:
    • – In proper working order
    • – Shiny clean – the newer it looks, the more you’ll make. Try a little Armour All!
    • – Great smelling – free of pet hair, smoke smells, Febreeze cover-ups
    • – Clean inside and out – particularly true for footwear – and free of cobwebs, dust, leaves, spiders, etc…
    • – Freshly laundered (clothing and sleeping bags)
  • DROP IT OFF – Items can be dropped off anytime the store is open. Here’s what happens at that time:
    • – You’ll fill out a consignor agreement (new accounts only)
    • – We’ll agree on a selling price for each item you’re leaving (remember, we’re on the same team here – the more we make, the more you make, but if we price your gear too high to sell, no one makes anything!)
    • – We’ll prepare an email to you listing all the gear you’re consigning and the prices we’ve agreed on
  • GET PAID! – Our vast inventory of consigned gear prohibits us from contacting you each time an item sells. Instead, we’ll set you up with a Moab Gear Trader account! Here’s how it works:
    • – Each time one of your items sells, we’ll add your earnings to your account
    • – You can check your account at any time at shop.moabgeartrader.com/consignor from your computer or download our app for your smartphone
    • – Stop by our store during business hours or call or email to request a check for your earnings OR sign up for our automatic payment plan and we’ll mail you a check for all balances over $50 on the 1st of each month!
    • – Get a 10% bonus for spending your balance in the store!
Selling is simple. Just call us to make sure a buyer is available, then bring your clean, high-quality gear and clothing to the store. Together we’ll determine a selling price and make you a cash offer. Accept our offer and we’ll write you a check – or spend the total in store and get an additional 10% in credit! Don’t forget to bring a legal ID and be ready to give a fingerprint – it’s state law.