It’s all about angles.  Notice the difference in snow cover between the 2 walls. Cat Wall on left, Reservoir Wall on right

Winter at Indian Creek offers world class climbing opportunities on clear and warm days, even with the snow on the ground and frigid nights.  Now is a great time to climb the sunnier aspects that are generally avoided in the warmer times of the year.  The sandstone can really hold the solar heat which can be used to your advantage. Nights can be chilly, so be sure to bring your winter sleeping bag and plenty of firewood!

Here are a few spots that will be warmest on clear winter days.   Be sure to go prepared for emergencies since you probably won’t see anyone else!  Also, don’t forget to check the weather before you go since a winter storm will make climbing impossible and climbing on wet sandstone is dangerous and causes permanent damage to routes.  DON’T DO IT.


Anna Simpson on Kitty Litter


Cat Wall gets sun early in the morning and somehow stays sunny all day long.  Some corners are more sheltered from the wind than others making certain routes(kitty litter 5.10+) much warmer than you’d think.   When there is snow on the ground it is important to turn at the 2nd gate headed towards cat wall.  This road is flat and regular and ends at a huge boulder, and is the shortest approach.

Other sunny walls with short approaches and easy parking are Battle of the Bulge, and the super classic Super Crack Buttress.







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Winter Sunset on Bridger Jack and the Six Shooter Peaks