1. The Nordic Skiing around Moab has been great so far this season. We have two groomed Nordic Tracks in the area with the La Sal’s and Abajo’s. While both are amazing, it’s great to have options to branch out. Lucky for us, there is another option that isn’t too far away. The new track on your radar is Busted Arm Draw.

Trail map courtesy of Norwood Nordic 

Near the town of Norwood Colorado, close to Telluride, there’s another system of cross country ski trails. There are several trails to choose from that range from easy to moderate difficulty. The main groomed trail is the East Naturita rd trail. At 2.3 miles long, this option offers great opportunities for skate skiing. There are several other ungroomed trail loops to choose from as well. The Forest Loop Trail is a 1.5 miles ungroomed loop through a beautiful forest. Add the Rim Loop trail for a 2.1-mile loop. 

For an excellent linkup adventure, start on the Forest Loop Trail and continue out and back 2.0 miles into the Piele Point Trail. Once returning to the Forest Loop Trail, take the Rim Loop Trail back to the Forest Loop Trail and back to the trailhead. This linkup is around 4.3 miles. With so many options in the area, It’s undoubtedly a choose your adventure winter wonderland.

Busted arm draw Nordic skiing colorado


Busted Arm Draw

The road to get to the trailhead is four-wheel drive in the wintertime, so be careful and bring plenty of extra food, water, and emergency supplies just in case. Busted Arm Draw is a perfect getaway if you’re looking to do some cross country skiing but have already skied the La Sal’s and Abajo mountains enough this season. For more information and a GPX map file, please visit Norwood Nordic’s Website. Come into the shop and grab any last-minute ski supplies you may need before heading out!