Marshall Dvorscak

Marshall Dvorscak is the proud owner and founder of Moab Gear Trader. Originally from Cody Wyoming, Marshall came to Moab years ago by way of the Colorado River. 

Marshall Gear Trader

As a river guide and enthusiast, Marshall fell in love with the Colorado and the Green rivers and decided to stay in this corner of the Utah desert. Six years ago he founded Moab Gear Trader and has been working hard to make it the thriving community-oriented gear shop it is today. 

When Marshall isn’t working he is headed out to the La Sals to go backcountry skiing or doing his best to get back on the Colorado River for a few days. You can also find him on some of the many mountain bike trails around town, or hiking with his daughters. 

In 2020 he is proud to say he camped for 40 days this year, doing multiple trips with his family, and getting to spend some time on the river. 

True to his river running roots, Marshall doesn’t go anywhere without his Chaco Sandals. Next time you’re visiting Moab Gear Trader, come say hi to Marshall and check in with him about all your ski, river, and mountain biking needs. He will be happy to help!


Marshall and Nicole