Reed MurrayReed Murray comes to Moab all the way from South Dakota! River guiding brought him to Moab, and he’s been working with Moab Gear Trader since August of 2020. 

Reed’s favorite outdoor activities are rafting, skiing, hiking, road biking, and doing art in nature. Rafting has to be his favorite, however. Reed has met some of his best friends via river guiding on the Colorado River, but it’s not just the sense of community that rafting provides. He truly loves the beauty of the natural world and rafting gives him an opportunity to see areas of the Colorado Plateau that seemed completely out of reach until he started rowing. Every day is a good day when you’re on the water. 

However, he’s not just a river person! One of Reed’s adventures he’s most proud of was on the Fourth of July last year he had the opportunity to ski Mt. Timpanogos.

If you ask him what piece of gear he won’t leave the house without, he would say helmet. When he’s mountain biking he never goes without one. It’s no fun to crash your bike, make sure you protect your head! 

Reed is also an artist and takes inspiration from the natural world. If you want to stay up to date with Reeds art you can find him on Instagram at @funnelfalls

Reed Murray