Resford RouzerResford Rouzer is one of the rare folks in Moab who actually grew up here! We are lucky enough to have had him working at Moab Gear Trader since the fall of 2020. 

Born and raised in Moab, Resford moved to Salt Lake City after high school to pursue his bachelor’s and then master’s degrees. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies and anthropology and a master’s degree in environmental humanities. He returned to Moab and for the last five years has been working with the Canyonlands Field Institute. 

Resford’s outdoor activities include rafting, hiking, mountain biking, camping, photography, dirt road driving, and snowboarding. His favorite by far is river rafting! He enjoys bringing new people into the sport of rafting and showing them the beauty of the Colorado Plateau. 

Resford is most proud of the several Adult Seminar programs he led while working with the Canyonlands Field Institute. He says that spending multiple days out in the field and

Resford Rouzer

 exploring different archaeologically rich areas of the plateau made him feel particularly connected to the environment we live in. 

Resford’s favorite piece of gear is definitely his water bottle. He emphasizes the need for adventurers to stay hydrated while in the Utah desert. Dehydration will ruin your trip no matter what your outdoor sport is! 

Next time you swing by Moab Gear Trader, make sure to say hi to Resford. Feel free to ask him about river rafting, or even just chat with him about his thesis on the Bears Ears National monument!