Kris comes to Moab Gear Trader from Salt Lake City, he spent 24 years working at a large outdoor retail store, and recently made the move with his wife to Moab to raise his two young daughters in the great outdoors. He is thrilled to raise his kids around all that Moab has to offer. 

Kris began working at Moab Gear Trader in July of 2021 and loves exploring and adventuring around the desert. He enjoys rafting, hiking, disc golf, and experiencing Moab on it’s 4×4 roads. His favorite kind of outdoor adventure is multi-day river rafting trips. Kris loves sitting back and watching the scenery pass by as he floats along the river. Rafting gives him everything he needs as he has a passion for gear, solitude, and adventuring. 

As a family man, Kris is most proud of the time he has been able to spend with his daughters on river trips. He has helped them learn the ways of the river and hopes to continue to expose them to watery trips as they grow up. 

He never leaves shore without his PFD, saying “I don’t float very well.” We should all make sure we get our PFDs before leaving shore on a river trip!

For any of your river questions, please come say hi to Kris on your next trip to Moab Gear Trader. He can even help you pick out the perfect PFD!