Nick comes to Moab, Utah all the way from Charlottesville Virginia! He moved to Moab to pursue the glorious rock climbing that surrounds us. 

He’s worked with Moab Gear Trader since July of 2021 and is primarily a rock climber and hiker. Although, if you ask him to pick between the two, he will tell you rock climbing is his favorite. Nick enjoys the rewarding challenge of pushing himself physically and mentally on the rock, and he finds kinship and community with the other rock climbers in the area. 

Nick recently achieved a personal milestone on a challenging rock climb in Moab called “The Crack House.” It will continue to be a years-long project, but he is excited to keep trying!

His favorite piece of gear is his ZOLEO, a handheld satellite communication device that he uses to stay in touch with his friends and family when he is too far out of cell service to use his phone.  

For all your climbing needs, come say hi to Nick on your next trip to Moab Gear Trader!