Sam is a rock climber extraordinaire who comes to the Moab Gear Trader family all the way from North Carolina! He first arrived in our dusty red town for the dry weather and ample rock climbing opportunities. However, climbing isn’t his only passion. Sam also enjoys hiking and swimming, both excellent activities to pair with bouldering!

He loves bouldering the best because of the challenge of trying really difficult moves and pushing his limits, as well as the excitement and camaraderie that comes with bouldering with friends. In the five months he has worked for Moab Gear Trader, he has spent as much time as possible pursuing all three of these activities!

An objective that he is most proud of is the completion of his AMGA Single Pitch Instructor exam in the Red River Gorge in Kentucky. 

One of his go-to layers for climbing outside is a simple black hoodie. He feels sentimental about it, as it has been along with him for some of his hardest and most meaningful rock climbs! Sometimes you don’t need the brand new gear to make you send hard! 

If you want to stay connected with Sam, you can see more about his rock climbing adventures on Instagram at @_sam.wow_