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Dillon Geiger

Dillon Geiger is a rock climber, snowboarder, and United States Marine Veteran from Colorado Springs, CO. He got his start in the outdoors when he started snowboarding at the age of 5. He also spent his childhood camping and hunting.

Dillon served overseas in the United States Marine Corps during the Iraq and Afghanistan War. His goal for life after the Marines is to become a mountain guide, and he’s taken meaningful steps in that direction after getting his AMGA Single Pitch Instructor certification. His favorite outdoor

Dillon Geiger Owl Rock bottom

Dillon Geiger – Rock Climber

trip he’s undertaken is Climbing the Diamond on Long’s peak in Rocky Mountain National Park via the casual route.

Dillon’s favorite piece of gear is his headlamp because you might not always need it, but when you, you will be glad it came along. Eventually, he would like to get into Sailing because of the stillness of the ocean and cheap, affordable world travel. If you have any climbing or skiing questions for your adventures, Dillon is the guy to ask. Come on in to the shop and say hello!