Project Description

moab gear trader employeeEmma is a great example of a Moab Gear Trader employee. She brings enthusiasm plus a myriad of outside interests and skills to work everyday. Emma is always happy to give tips on anything from rafting to almost winning awards for cupcake baking. When she is not helping customers at Moab’s finest gear store you can find her enjoying the outdoors in and around Moab, Utah. She is a boater, pottery artist, petroglyph seeker, lover of rocks, and cupcake baker extraordinaire from Aurora, Il.

Emma hails from a long line of outdoor lovers. She was first introduced to the outdoors on the shores of Lake Michigan by her grandmother seeking cool rocks. Currently, her favorite outdoor adventures revolve around finding intriguing stones and rafting down rivers. The river rafting is undoubtedly just a means to see more cool rocks, but she’ll put up with it if she has to. When she’s not out seeking examples of geologic perfection, you’ll likely find her making impressive pottery, baking nearly award-winning cupcakes, and camping in a tent on top of her FJ.

If you would like to see what the pottery situation is like, visit her site EmmaTpottery. Emma is our Moab Gear Trader employee river gear expert, and she is always stoked to help you get ready for your journey along the impressive water passages of Southern Utah. Make it a priority to soak up her local knowledge and get the scoop on rocks and rivers!