Project Description

Mia Groff is originally from Midland, Oregon, but has spent an extensive amount of time all over the Pacific Northwest. She comes to Moab and to Moab Gear Trader looking for sunshine and backpacking trails to enjoy it on. 

She has worked with Moab Gear Trader since the beginning of March and has been enjoying the bountiful recreation activities of the Colorado Plateau ever since. Mia enjoys almost everything in the outdoors, from hiking through the beautiful desert landscapes to floating down the Colorado River, to slacklining in the park. 

However, her favorite outdoor activities are skiing and backpacking. Mia has been doing both extensively since she was very young, and some of her fondest memories are backpacking and skiing with her family. She began exploring the outdoors on skis almost as soon as she could walk, and in college, she started Nordic Ski racing. Mia loves the outdoors because it brings her peace and an escape from the hustle and bustle of the modern world. 

A trip she is most proud of is when she ran with a team in the Cascade Lakes Relay Race. The race takes place in Southern Oregon and is 216 miles long. It took her and her team 36 hours to complete! 

Mia never leaves home without her Marmot down jacket. Staying warm is a huge priority for her, especially after spending a winter in Montana with it! 

If you want to see more of Mia you can check out her blog at or find her on Instagram at @miaaddyyy.