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The glorious return of the sun! The conditions in Moab have been delightful for spring recreation. The stoke meter reading is off the charts and soon to be bursting through the seams. We are seeing a massive increase in visitors, and town is feeling vibrant again. It’s early season for all of our favorite activities, and we couldn’t be more excited to dust off the rafting, climbing, biking, slacklining, and other fair-weather equipment we’ve been neglecting. Cheers to another fantastic season in the desert!

Road Conditions in Moab

The UAC has reported that the Geyser Pass Rd is still slick and icy in places, but is in better condition than it has been this winter. Use regular caution and be equipped with emergency supplies just in case. I would still recommend capable vehicles with four-wheel drive, but due to the prolonged dry period, it’s less critical now than it has been earlier this winter.

Storm Totals This Week

Colorado and Utah have seen a bit of snowfall this week, but nothing to write home about. Anywhere from 0″ to 12″ has fallen in the mountains over the last ten days. We are fortunate that it’s still snowing at all in Colorado and Utah. Other parts of the country, such as the Sierra Nevada, are in abysmal states as far as snow is concerned. We have had a great season in comparison. Here are the 10-day snow totals for reasonably close resorts.

We have one more month of winter left, let’s hope that Miracle March delivers this season with great conditions in Moab.

Backcountry Skiing

The conditions in the La Sal’s have been, to put it lightly, unpleasant. The Utah Avalance Center has had a few choice words. The last storm cycle resulting in 3″ of new snow has amounted to “smearing a small amount of lipstick on that ugly pig.”. Certainly, an accurate representation of the current backcountry skiing conditions in Moab.

However, there is still decent skiing to be found in the Blue’s. The Abajo mountains are not nearly as dismal as the La Sal’s. I was touring out there this week and found surprisingly good conditions in isolated areas. The snowpack there is far healthier, deeper, stable, and much more fun. Check-in with Roam Industry for current conditions. They know more than anyone else where the good skiing is. Here’s a picture of not horrible conditions.

Callen Hearne enjoying crust-pow in the Blue’s

Cross Country Skiing/Snowshoeing

The whole dang mountain was groomed thanks to LUNA on Tuesday. If conditions in Moab are suitable for any winter sport right now, it’s undoubtedly nordic skiing. The Geyser Pass track is holding up great if that’s where your mind is at. There is still ample opportunity to slide around on snow up there if you are so inclined.

The Abajo Nordic Skiing is ungroomed, but holding up well. Plenty of fun to be had on the snow still. Now would be a perfect time to visit Roam Industries Tiny Home hut at the Buckboard Campground. If you’re looking for a winter hut experience without the super cold temperatures, right now is the time to make it happen. The Tiny Home trip is affordable, family-friendly, and pleasant with the conditions we see lately. Squeeze out as much winter as you can now because spring seems to be visiting us rapidly.

Abajo Nordic Track Conditions

Weather Conditions in Moab:

The sun is out and making moves. We will see highs in the 60’s this week! Low temperatures will be in the mid to high 30’s in town. I can smell campfires already! We technically still have another month of winter, but the forecast is stoking the spring flame rather nicely. The next chance for precipitation will be on Sunday night with a chance of rain. Here’s the forecast.


The La Sal’s will see highs in the upper 30’s and lows in the teens this week with a chance of snow Sunday through Monday. There are certainly opportunities to slide on snow without suffering from brutal cold temperatures this week. Hopefully, the possibility of snow brings enough of a refresh to make conditions pleasant.


Mountain Biking Conditions in Moab

Riding season is off to a great start! There are currently far more open trails than closed ones. The only closed trails are the pathways that make up the Whole Enchilada and the Porcupine Rim. It may still be muddy out there in isolated sections, and this upcoming storm may affect conditions a bit. Just play it by ear, and if you find sections of muddy trail, be considerate. Overall, it’s game on.  As always, make it a habit to check the Poison Spider Conditions page for up to date riding conditions.

mountain biking conditions in Moab, Utah

Intrepid trailhead


The climbing season is starting strong, conditions in Moab are great. The rock is dry and warm enough to hold onto. Indian Creek is beginning to welcome its first visitors for the season. It’s a great time to consider the impact that we, as climbers, will bring this spring season and how we can try to mitigate negative impacts. Human waste does not break down quickly in the desert environment. Burying number 2’s in cat holes is not an option. It will be rapidly unburied and is unpleasant for those that find it. Come into the shop to grab wag bags, portable latrines, and other tools necessary for waste mitigation. The creek is a special place and a very delicate environment that sees more use than may be healthy. We all love the creek, and it’s our specific duty to keep it unique and leave it better than we found it.

Send temps are certainly here. Chasing sun is the name of the game, and the crowds are far less than they will be. Take advantage of the excellent conditions in Moab while you can and try to get on the classics before the season gets pumping.

Canyoneering is finally fun now. Ice is melting away, and the canyons are seeing a bit more use. If you’re thinking about descending canyons in the near future, come equipped with webbing and quicklinks. You may be among the first folks to drop in, and the anchors from last season may not be up to par. Come into the shop, and we can get you set up with all the equipment you’ll need to face the obstacles that come with the territory this time of year.

canyoneering conditions in Moab, Utah

Upper Granary Canyon


Hiking is fantastic right now; It’s hitting the sweet spot between not too many folks out and mostly pleasant temperatures. I was out exploring in Arches this week and can’t speak highly enough about the solitude and tranquility that can currently be found. This experience is, unfortunately, extremely fleeting, so I suggest a foray as soon as possible. We have an amazing, world-class landscape here that people travel from around the world to witness, and for a limited amount of time, its all ours. Take the extra time out of the day this week to appreciate the solitude.

Double-O Arch

Shop Updates:

We are gearing up hard for the spring season and are ready to welcome all of the new visitors. You may see a couple of new faces here at the shop, and we are happy to have welcomed some new outdoor professionals into our team. Make sure to say hello and please don’t be afraid to ask us about anything Moab. We have you covered. Spring sales are widespread inside the shop, and the sale racks outside are full of great gear. Come check it out and see what you can find. We are open from 8 AM to 9 PM every day.

Employee Spotlight:

Emma Andrews

Emma is a boater, pottery artist, petroglyph seeker, lover of rocks, and cupcake baker extraordinaire from Aurora, Il. She was first introduced to the outdoors while seeking cool rocks with her Grandmother on the shores of Lake Michigan. Her favorite outdoor adventures revolve around finding intriguing stones and also floating down rivers. The river floating is undoubtedly just a means to see more cool rocks, but she’ll put up with it if she has to. When she’s not out seeking examples of geologic perfection, you’ll likely find her making impressive pottery, baking nearly award-winning cupcakes, and camping in a tent on top of her FJ. If you would like to see what the pottery situation is like, visit her site here. Emma is our river gear expert, and she is always stoked to help you get ready for your journey along the impressive water passages of Southern Utah. Make it a priority to soak up her local knowledge and get the scoop on rocks and rivers!

Events This Week

KZMU Presents Wormhole! A Radio Play. The setting is Anytown, USA, in the not-too-far future. Four unlikely characters try to save the world from AI bots via a wormhole, and there’s also singing and dancing involved. Tickets are available at Back of Beyond Books, Canyonlands Copy Center, & Wabi Sabi Thriftstore. Showtimes are 7-9 pm on Friday & Saturday at Star Hall, 159 E. Center St. and 2-4 pm for the Sunday matinee.

Moab Speaks. Are you interested in overcoming your fear of Public Speaking? Face your fears in this public speaking workshop at Zions Bank March 4th and 18th from 12 to 1 PM.