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Moab & La Sal Mountains Conditions Update December 22

Congratulations!  Today is just a tiny bit longer than yesterday.  We have survived the first half of the cold part of the year.  Days are going to be getting longer now!  Before we know it, we will all be complaining about how HOT it is!  Interestingly, the days will be getting longer, but the sun will continue rise later each morning until earl January.  This Article explains why.

Weather Forecast

  • 2  storms are on their way with the first one impacting our area today and tonight.  There is a winter storm warning from NOW until 8AM Friday.  A point forecast for 10,000′ shows a possibility of 12-20″ and warm with a high of 31.
  • There will be a small break in the action before the next storm arrives on Christmas Eve.  This one will be colder and bring high winds and snow.


  • The trail was groomed on Wednesday.  No classic tracks were set due to equipment malfunction.
  • Next grooming is scheduled for Friday, but if too much snow falls and the road is not plowed, then the grooming crew will be unable to access the trailhead.
  • Watch our website and social media for updates.

Local Road Conditions

  • Geyser pass -Last plowed 12-17-16.  Snowpacked & slick!  Watch our website and social media for updates
  • Loop Road – slick in spots –
  • Click here to send us an update!



  • The Utah Avalalanche Center is reporting 92″ of total snowfall and 39″ of settled snow.
  • The Snotel site below the beginner meadow is reporting 25″ of settled snow and 6.4″ of water
  • SWE percentage of official Median

Moab & La Sal Mountains Conditions Update

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Moab Area Avalanche Advisory (includes road & grooming information)


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