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Moab Winter Condition Update 10-26-20

It’s hard to believe I am writing one of these already.  It seems like it was only yesterday that we were wrapping up another great ski season in the La Sal’s and then BAM, pandemic.  Things have changed a lot since then, but one thing remains clear.  People crave the outdoors.  People need the outdoors.  Wild, public lands provide so much for our species.

With the change of seasons, the ways we recreate will begin their seasonal shift.  Rafts, kayaks, and boats are winterized, cleaned, 303’s and put away.  Camping gear is sorted and tucked away for next spring.  And the skis are pulled out of storage and dusted off.  While it’s going to be a little while before we start sliding around, it is time to make sure everything is in working order.  And hopefully mice didn’t make a nest in those boots!  It happens every once in a while at the shop.  Someone brings their old boots to sell, and we tip them over to find they have been serving as a domicile for some small furry creature.  Once, I even had several boots FULL of nuts from the great North-Eastern forests come from a supplier.  Turns out their warehouse was not just for ski gear!

Moab Gear Trader is Moab’s Winter Sport’s Headquarters!  We have Moab’s largest selection of hiking traction for icy trails, snowshoes for mount adventures, backcountry avalanche gear, and one of the largest brick and mortar collections of Nordic Touring Gear in the US.  We also are well stocked with NEW & USED hats, gloves, scarves, balaclavas, snow boots, handwarmers, goggles, and mittens.  These tools will allow you to enjoy our desert and mountain home comfortably.

La Sal Mountain Conditions

The winter storm last night is still producing snow as I write, but as of 9am, there was 1.4″ of precipitation at Geyser Pass with .9″ of that falling as snow.  Thanks to MESOWEST for that data.  It appears as if the snow total instrument is malfunctioning, but I would imagine the maximum amount would be 9″ if it happened to fall as 10% density cold smoke.  But more than likely it is less than that depending on when it switched from rain to snow.  A balmy 8 degrees in Goldbasin, 2 degrees at Pre-Laurel (thanks to UAC for that data) and 12 degrees at Geyser pass.  Sounds like winter to me!

We have not heard anything about the upcoming Nordic grooming season, but you can check out LUNA’s Facebook Page for updates and to DONATE to the effort.

Utah Avalanche Center has just updated their amazing website, so be sure to stay tuned their for the latest updates on snow, avalanche forecasts, road, and grooming conditions.

Moab Conditions

If you are a weather geek like me, yesterday provided some serious “excitement”!  Starting at 61 degrees, the sun came out and it hit 70 degrees by noon.  Then the cold front came marching across Utah.  It was 32 and snowing in Salt Lake, and in Moab, temperatures began to fall.  It rained for several hours dropping about .5″ before turning to snow around 4pm.  The warm ground kept it from sticking in most places, but trees, grass, and vehicles were cold enough that it stuck around!  It hit 18 degrees this morning and is SLOWLY warming out there in the sun.  I don’t think the tomatoes survived…

Hiking trails will be icy, especially on trails that don’t get sun.  The final approach to delicate arch comes to mind.  Dead Horse Point State Park reports icy roads in the area.  Roads in the Blanding/Monticello area are still icy and slushy, but are expected to be clear by the end of the day.

Regional Conditions

Not really into this whole winter and cold thing?  There is some good news in the forecast below.  You can also make yourself feel better by pointing out how much colder it is in other parts of the country right now!  My hometown of Cody, WY is at 1 degree right now.  Sylvia, who has worked in the shop on and off for years, grew up 20 miles down the Shoshone River where it is currently 5 degrees.  It might be warmer there, but the view of Heart Mountain is still better from Cody.  Denver and Vernal area bout 15, Jackson is 0, SLC and Flagstaff are into the low 20s,, and Durango is a balmy 31.

Weather Forecast

Precipitation is over for now, and the cold air that followed the front will be with us for some time.  Tonight, the low is forecast at 14 degrees, but lows slowly increase to 36 degrees by Saturday night.  During the day, we will barely crack freezing at 33 degrees, but will be 60 by Thursday and upper 60s by the weekend!  These are the days we live for around here!

The mountains will continue to stay cold with highs approaching 40 degrees by the weekend.

Shop Conditions

Down at 300 S Main Street, our team is working to stock all of the winter goodies.  The skis and snowshoes aren’t out yet, but e also still have lots of great deals on paddle sports, camping, climbing, fishing, hunting, and lots of great new clothing.  We even carry ammo now!  We are back to our pre-COVID hours of 8am to 9pm 7 days a week.  None of us are health experts, but we do follow their recommendation and require the effective use of masks for all customers and staff, as well as sanitizing hands upon entry.  If you are not feeling well, we ask that you do not enter.