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Moab Winter Recreation Condition Update January 7, 2017

Cheers from a new New Year!  We hope it finds you well and enjoying the winter getting outdoors.  Sure it’s cold out, that’s because it’s winter.  Going outside in winter doesn’t have to mean that you get cold!  Our racks our stuffed with the clothing you need to layer up properly and enjoy the winter outside!  If you need help dialing in your layers, stop by the store and ask! Marshall, Damian, and Ilona are all passionate outdoor enthusiasts who love sharing their acquired knowledge.


Did you know that “Waxless” Nordic skis are not a maintenance free ski?  “waxless” refers to the fishscale pattern that is etched in the base.  This saves the chore of applying temperature specific sticky kick wax, but it does not save you from using a glide wax.  Of course, skiing without wax works just fine, as long as you are willing to put with occasional clumping and icing to the base as well as generally

Moab Winter Recreation Condition Update


Current Conditions

  • Regional low temperatures last night – Cold!
    • Gunnison -32
    • Craig -30
    • Montrose -10
    • Moab (NPS Building) +9
    • Moab (Airport) +1
    • Gold basin +2


  • It should be a nice day in the La Sals Saturday, with highs in the 20s at 10,000 and light winds of 5 to 10 mph.  A series of storms begins to affect us starting Saturday night and continuing through the week.
  • An “Atmospheric River” will be soaking parts of California in either 12″ of rain or 6′ MORE of snow on top of the huge totals from this weeks storm.  Much of the state is under a flood watch.  The same moisture will begin affecting us tonight.  HUGE amounts are also forecast for the Wasatch and Colorado!  We keep you updated here.
  •  A point forecast for 10,000′ in the La Sals
  • Moab Valley Forecast


  • The trail was packed yesterday and is scheduled to be groomed today.  Thanks!

Road Conditions


  • The Snotel site below the beginner meadow is reporting 34″ of settled snow and 8.4″ of water
  • Snow water equivalent – percentage of official Median
    • La Sals – 158%
    • Abajos – 130%

 Regional Travel

  • Colorado
    • Vail Pass  From
    • Moab Winter Recreation Condition Update
  • Utah
    • Soldier Summit from
    • live picture from Soldier summit, utah

Moab Area Avalanche Advisory (includes road & grooming information)


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Moab Winter Recreation Condition Update