Project Description


Ryan has been with Moab Gear Trader since May of 2020 and he originally hails from the great state of Minnesota! 

Ryan was drawn to Moab because of the beautiful outdoor recreation opportunities we have here. From the scenic hiking trails, to the pristine camping locations, Ryan fell in love with the great outdoors here and hasn’t looked back since. 

When he’s not working at Moab Gear Trader, Ryan can be found hiking, running, camping, or backpacking amongst the red sandstone cliffs and beyond. He particularly appreciates the isolation of a good long hike in the woods saying, “It’s hard to beat a


 hike into the wilderness where you can enjoy the world without anyone else around.” 

In 2020 Ryan had the good fortune to complete the Colorado Trail. His favorite piece of gear is definitely his sturdy hiking boots. You won’t get far on a challenging hike without a nice pair of hiking shoes. 

Ask Ryan for help with all your long-distance hiking needs on your next visit to Moab Gear Trader!