Project Description

Samantha comes to Moab Gear Trader all the way from Christchurch, New Zealand! She was drawn into Moab’s beautiful ecosystem by the world-class rock climbing and stellar trail running. Although she hails from the islands of New Zealand, she says she is a desert creature at heart. 

Samantha has worked with Moab Gear Trader for a little over a month, and when she’s not helping folks out behind the counter, she is spending all her free time rock climbing, trail running, or mountain biking!

Of the three, you will most likely find Samantha rock climbing. She appreciates the places rock climbing can take her, both far away, and incredibly high up. 

If you ask her what her proudest accomplishment is, she has a hard time picking just one. She says she is most proud of her objectives that have her moving for long periods of time in a day. She likes pushing her body and mind to their limits and enjoys doing long climbs that are typically done in multiple days, and condensing them into single-day climbing adventures. 

Her favorite piece of gear is her oversized, mega-puffy jacket. It fits over any she’s wearing and she never has to worry about being cold! 

Next time you stop by the store say hi to Samantha and ask her about her dog Barnacle who you can follow on Instagram @doggylongneck.