Project Description

Sylvia Violett is a Moab transplant that comes to us from Powell Wyoming. She spent a few years living in Denver but ultimately landed here in an effort to get a break from the big city and to spend more time with her family. 

Sylvia has worked with Moab Gear Trader on and off for the last four years and has seen the store grow exponentially during her time with us. 

If you catch her in the wild, she enjoys hiking, running, fishing, hunting, camping, rafting, and (you guessed it) gardening! 

Her favorite outdoor activity is running since all you need is a good pair of shoes and a desire to explore. 

One of her recent adventures included a trip with her Dad to the Henry Mountains to hunt buffalo, an opportunity that doesn’t come around every day!

When Sylvia is out camping, her favorite piece of gear is her Olicamp backpacking stove. It heats up fast so she can eat on the go, and cools down quickly so she can throw it in her bag and hit the trails ASAP. 

To see more of her adventures or to just stay in touch with Slyvia, you can find her on Instagram at @Sviolett!