Emma Andrews


Emma is a great example of a Moab Gear Trader employee. She brings enthusiasm plus a myriad of outside interests and skills to work everyday. Emma is always happy to give tips on anything from rafting to almost winning awards for cupcake baking. When she is not helping customers at Moab's finest gear store you [...]

Dillon Geiger


Dillon Geiger is a rock climber, snowboarder, and United States Marine Veteran from Colorado Springs, CO. He got his start in the outdoors when he started snowboarding at the age of 5. He also spent his childhood camping and hunting. Dillon served overseas in the United States Marine Corps during the Iraq and Afghanistan War. [...]

Jane Vagan


My name is Jane, I’m 22, and I’ve lived in Moab for two years. I'm originally from Salt Lake City, Utah. Growing up in a place with such excellent access to the outdoors has been such a blessing; my childhood was spent skiing powder with my grandpa in Brighton, exploring the Wasatch front, and camping [...]

Sam Yeiter


Sam is a mountain biker, snowboarder, and outdoor lover from Rindge, New Hampshire. Sam was raised in an outdoor family and originally got interested in outdoor pursuits on family hiking trips in New Hampshire. Sam moved to Moab with his girlfriend Beth in March 2019 and they have loved every minute. Sam’s favorite sport is [...]

Leah Bear


Leah "Ninja" Bear is a thru-hiker, trail runner, vanlifer and lifelong lover of the outdoors from Panama City, FL. Leah grew up in an outdoor-oriented family and enjoyed paddle boarding, wave running, and camping in the Florida Keys in her youth. Later in life, she earned a Masters in Psychology and entered the field as [...]