Moab Winter Conditions – 1-29-2021

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(Photo Credit: Kaya Lindsay) Moab has finally accumulated some snow after a three-week dry spell! Last week we had between 15”-20” inches of snow after our first substantial storm in a while. Snow means more opportunities for snowshoeing, backcountry skiing, nordic skiing, and sledding, however, most other recreation should be halted until Moab dries out [...]

What’s Poppin’ – Indian Paintbrush – Moab Flowers

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Heyo, lots of flowers poppin out there!  Today I am going to talk about one that can easily catch your eye.  Indian Paintbrush or Castilleja chromosa.  This group of paintbrushes was spotted up by the Navajo rocks area on 313.  I am not sure they got the memo on social distancing 😉 There are a few types of Paintbrush [...]

What’s Poppin’ – Dwarf Evening Primrose – Moab Flowers

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Dwarf Evening Primrose Oenothera caespitosa There are a few types of primrose that we commonly see around the Moab.  This one has many common names: Tufted, Dwarf Evening, or Fragrant Evening to name a few.  It has a rather showy flower that blooms in the evening, stays open all night, and then wilts in the morning.  The other common [...]

What’s Poppin’ – Crescent Milkvetch – Moab Flowers

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Crescent Milkvetch    Astragalus amphioxys There are many types of Astragalus that we get to see in the Moab area.  The Crescent Milkvetch is one of the more common ones.  I always look for the purple flowers to signify the early stages of oncoming Spring.  Astragalus is in the Pea family (Fabaceae) and gets its name from its crescent shaped [...]