What’s Poppin’ – Newberry’s Twinpod – Flowers of Moab

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Here is a little series called "What's Poppin!, and I am going to highlight flowers that are in bloom right now in and around the Moab area.      Here is Newberry's Twinpod or Physaria Newberryi, and it is in the Mustard Family (Brassicaceae).  Physaria is Greek for "bladder" so the Physarias are the "bladderpods".  [...]

Moab Gear Trader Update 3-21-2020.



Well, that all changed really quickly didn't it? The family at Moab Gear Trader are rapidly changing operations to best prepare for COVID-19. We are conflicted about how to best serve our community amongst this global pandemic. There is no sure-fire answer, no path is clear going forward. We're running a rapid we haven't seen [...]

Moab Winter Condition Update 2-13-19

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Ahh, look at that sunshine! It's been beautiful in Moab lately. The opportunities for recreation are returning, and everyone seems to be emerging from there shells. We see an increase in tourism, and the stoke is starting to be recharged. Get ready for another fantastic spring season because we aren't so far away now.  Road [...]

Moab Winter Condition Update 1-2-2020

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Moab Winter Condition Update 1-2-2020 Welcome to the New Year everyone! The Holidays are over and its time to get back to real life. Hopefully, that includes skiing, it’s pretty great out there right now. We have received significant snowfall in the region and it looks like we have some sunny and clear conditions to [...]

Moab Winter Conditions Update 12-27-19

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Moab Winter Conditions Update 12/27/19 Greetings and Happy Holidays! I hope everyone has been enjoying themselves with family and friends this holiday season. It looks like Santa delivered us 18" of new snow in the La Sal’s and it's still snowing! Road Conditions. The Utah Avalanche Center has reported that Grand County will not be [...]