Moab Winter Condition Update 12-19-2019

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Moab Winter Condition Update 12/19/2019 Well, that was an uneventful storm. While Colorado and Utah resorts saw significant snowfall, we saw almost nothing in the way of new snow here in Moab. The good news is we get to keep the safe avalanche, mountain biking, climbing, and canyoneering conditions for the time being. Glad we [...]

Moab Winter Condition Update 12-13-19

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Moab Winter Condition Report 12/13/19 Hello all! We’ve had a small break from winter this week with highs in the 50’s and sunny conditions. Thursday was bordering on T-Shirt weather! I hope everyone got a chance to enjoy the sunshine and to revisit the warmer weather sports while we had this chance. It’s about to [...]

Moab Winter Condition Update 12-2-2019

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Moab Winter Condition Update 12-2-2019 Happy December everyone! The weather is stabilizing and warming up a bit as we come out of a rather stormy and windy Thanksgiving holiday. It’s certainly nice to enjoy some bluebird conditions after all the recent weather! GGBY and the other BASE jumping and highlining events are coming to a [...]

Moab Winter Condition Update 11-19-2019

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We’ve been experiencing beautiful fall weather here in Moab lately! I hope everyone has been getting out and enjoying it because it’s about to change! We are finally seeing some significant precipitation tonight, how about that smell of rain!  Forecast totals look like .25" to .5" over the next 2 days. The highs will [...]