Moab Winter Conditions 2-19-2021


  It’s really beginning to feel like ski season in Moab now! The La Sals have received heaps of snow over the last few days and are currently sitting silhouetted proudly by a crisp blue sky. We aren’t forecasted to get much more snow in the next week or so, but the temps in the [...]

Moab Winter Conditions – 1-29-2021

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(Photo Credit: Kaya Lindsay) Moab has finally accumulated some snow after a three-week dry spell! Last week we had between 15”-20” inches of snow after our first substantial storm in a while. Snow means more opportunities for snowshoeing, backcountry skiing, nordic skiing, and sledding, however, most other recreation should be halted until Moab dries out [...]

Moab Winter Conditions – 1-17-2021



(Photo Credit: Marshall Dvorscak)  There has been no new snow in the La Sals since our last update, so essentially backcountry skiing and snowmobiling off the road is not possible. Fortunately, the Nordic skiing is as good as it gets! The grooming, done by the Lower Utah Nordic Alliance (or LUNA for short) has been [...]

Moab Winter Conditions – 1-10-21



(Photo Credit: Marshall Dvorscak)  The weather in Moab could not be more beautiful. It’s cold during the days, with temps hovering around the mid 30’s, but the sunny skies make it prime winter conditions for adventuring outside. We are ringing in the New Year with a few scattered storms but unfortunately no snow in the [...]

Moab Winter Conditions 12-19-2020

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(Photo Credit: Marshall Dvorscak) Backcountry skiers and lovers of the La Sals rejoice! Winter has arrived in Moab and with it, a few beautiful snowstorms that have left our little town covered in a blanket of white. Temperatures have continued to hover around 20 degrees for most of the day, and although it’s a bit [...]