Moab Winter Condition Updates 12-4-2020



(Photo Credit: Marshall Dvorscak) Winter hasn’t quite settled into Moab yet it seems. The early signs of light snow and a few infrequent storms had us hoping that winter would be in full swing by December, but alas, it’s just not.  There is snow up in the La Sals, and a few shadowy creeks in [...]

What’s Poppin’ – Indian Paintbrush – Moab Flowers

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Heyo, lots of flowers poppin out there!  Today I am going to talk about one that can easily catch your eye.  Indian Paintbrush or Castilleja chromosa.  This group of paintbrushes was spotted up by the Navajo rocks area on 313.  I am not sure they got the memo on social distancing 😉 There are a few types of Paintbrush [...]

What’s Poppin’ – Dwarf Evening Primrose – Moab Flowers

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Dwarf Evening Primrose Oenothera caespitosa There are a few types of primrose that we commonly see around the Moab.  This one has many common names: Tufted, Dwarf Evening, or Fragrant Evening to name a few.  It has a rather showy flower that blooms in the evening, stays open all night, and then wilts in the morning.  The other common [...]

What’s Poppin’ – Crescent Milkvetch – Moab Flowers

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Crescent Milkvetch    Astragalus amphioxys There are many types of Astragalus that we get to see in the Moab area.  The Crescent Milkvetch is one of the more common ones.  I always look for the purple flowers to signify the early stages of oncoming Spring.  Astragalus is in the Pea family (Fabaceae) and gets its name from its crescent shaped [...]

What’s Poppin’ – Newberry’s Twinpod – Flowers of Moab

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Here is a little series called "What's Poppin!, and I am going to highlight flowers that are in bloom right now in and around the Moab area.      Here is Newberry's Twinpod or Physaria Newberryi, and it is in the Mustard Family (Brassicaceae).  Physaria is Greek for "bladder" so the Physarias are the "bladderpods".  [...]

Moab Gear Trader Update 3-21-2020.



Well, that all changed really quickly didn't it? The family at Moab Gear Trader are rapidly changing operations to best prepare for COVID-19. We are conflicted about how to best serve our community amongst this global pandemic. There is no sure-fire answer, no path is clear going forward. We're running a rapid we haven't seen [...]