Labor Day is the 2nd busiest day of the year for visitation in Arches National Park!

Remember, courtesy goes a long way!

~~~~ During high visitation, there may be significant delays entering the park, and once inside, you can expect increased travel times and congestion along the scenic drive. Long lines may form at the entrance gate. If the entrance road is backed up, you may not stop on the highway: it is against the law. (Utah Code 41-6a-1401) Come back at another time, or consider visiting other nearby attractions.

~~~ Parking lots at popular trailheads and viewpoints such as Devils Garden, Delicate Arch/Wolfe Ranch and The Windows are usually full between 9 am and 4 pm. In 2015, construction at the Delicate Arch / Wolfe Ranch trailhead will mean significantly reduced parking. You might have to plan on hiking elsewhere.

When parking lots are full, please remember:

  • – Park in designated areas only.
  • – Do not drive off roads.
  • – If a lot is full, do not wait for spots to open;move on and try again later.
  • – Never park on vegetation or in a manner that blocks traffic.
  • – Don’t block the flow of traffic by waiting for a parking spot.

~~~~~   If you do find a parking spot and go for a hike, expect to see a lot of other people on the trail. It is not uncommon for hundreds of people to visit Delicate Arch at sunset.

  • – Visit Early or Late- Early morning (sunrise) is always less busy than sunset. To beat the crowds, try entering the park by 8 am, though you may encounter groups of early-morning photographers at some destinations.
  •  – Try visiting some of the other great hikes and attractions in the Moab area like:
    •  – Hwy. 128 (The River Road) has numerous scenic turnouts and hikes
    • – Hwy. 279 (Potash Road) also has great hiking and scenery including prehistoric petroglyphs, dinosaur tracks, canyon hiking, and arches.
    • – Dead Horse Point State Park and Island in the Sky District of Canyonlands National Park have amazing overlooks and nice hiking.  The elevated mesa tends to have cool breezes and the sunrises and sunsets are spectacular
    • – Stop by Moab Gear Trader or the Moab Information Center for more ideas.
  •  -Carpool if you can. Consider hiring a company to shuttle you to and from the park
  • – Parking for oversize vehicles (RVs, trailers) is extremely limited. Leave oversized vehicles in town, or in the visitor center parking lot.
  • – Ride your bike!  There is a wonderful paved trail that passes the entrance to arches and continues all the way to Dead Horse Point

Thanks to Arches National Park for some of the info and images on this page!