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Whether you’re passing through Moab on your way to a far off destination, or you’re coming here to stay for a long weekend, there are several things you must see before you leave. Even as a casual visitor, Moab has enough spectacular roadside attractions that will entertain and delight everyone from your four-year-old nephew to your 86 year old grandmother. The views alone are worth it, so don’t miss out! 


Needles Overlook


 (Photo Credit: commons.wikimedia.org)

Drive down 191 just a little bit farther than you were expecting to and you’ll come to a sign in the road that says “Needles Overlook” on your right-hand side. Drive down this winding highway road until you arrive at an unassuming parking lot with a platform nearby. Step lightly onto the platform and hold on to your hat as you have an opportunity to look down at one of the most breathtaking views in Moab. The Needles Overlook gives a top-down view of Canyonlands National park and the surrounding BLM land. It is stunning, and not to be missed. Take in this unbelievable landscape, snap a few photos, and hold onto the memories. We highly recommend going to this spot at sunset! 


Dinosaur Museum


(Photo Credit: Moab Giants

Yes, you read that correctly, the dinosaur museum is not to be missed. Just on the corner of Highways 313 and 191 is the Moab Giants Dinosaur Museum. Walk among the giants of the past at this roadside attraction and see actual dinosaur footprints left as fossils in the ground. They’ve reconstructed the actual dinosaurs that would have left the footprints millions of years ago so you and your family can walk among them and imagine what it would have been like in Moab when these giants roamed the earth. They also have several movie attractions, a dinosaur playground, opportunities to excavate dinosaur bones, and a delicious cafe. On your way in, or out, of Moab, this attraction is not to be missed! 


Delicate Arch 


(Photo Credit: Kaya Lindsay

Delicate Arch is likely one of the most recognizable geological features in the world. The classic desert arch invokes a sense of wonder at the natural world, and fortunately for eager visitors, the arch is only a short hike from the parking lot. Located in Arches National Park, Delicate Arch is one of their more popular attractions, and with good reason. You can see Delicate Arch from a short viewing area right outside of the parking lot, this trail is only about a quarter-mile away from the car for those who can’t make the hike. Or you can do a short but steep hike to the base of Delicate Arch that will only take a few hours, depending on how fast you hike. The Delicate Arch Trail is approximately 1.5 miles long but has a steep incline, so make sure you are prepared with water and snacks (and camera!) for the hike. This destination is very popular at sunrise and sunset, so if you want to get a good spot go early! 


Devils Garden


(Photo Credit: Utah.com

Another must-see in Arches National Park is Devils garden. If you’re already in the park on your way to Delicate Arch, there is no reason not to keep going to Devil’s Garden. Located at the very end of the Arches National Park road, Devil’s Garden can be a more strenuous hiking activity for those looking to get a workout during their stopover in Moab. Devils Garden sports some beautiful Arches, spindly tower spires, and dramatic sandstone fins that will leave any visitor marveling with wonder. A short out and back trail that is highly recommended is the Landscape Arch trail, which takes casual hikers along a 1.9-mile trail (out and back) to the longest arch in North America. If you’d like to keep exploring you will find other gems like Double O Arch and Dark Angel spire. Enjoy the wondrous delights of Devils Garden at Arches National Park! 


Fisher Towers


(Photo Credit: commons.wikimedia.org)

Finally, a trip down River Road (highway 128) will complete any visitor’s Moab experience. There is no cell service once you make the turn on to river road, so switch off your phone, turn up the music, and enjoy the stunning scenic drive out to the Fisher Towers. River Road follows the Colorado River and takes some enjoyable twists and turns through the red sandstone cliff bands that line the river. It is truly a stunning drive that should be done slowly, particularly during the snowy winter seasons. Once you arrive at the Fisher Towers turn off, you’ll come to a small parking area with a trailhead sign indicating the short hiking loop. Fisher Towers is a beautiful short hiking trail that will wind you through some spectacular tower formations. Keep a keen eye out for climbers and base jumpers! As this area is popular with both types of people, you might see some Moab locals base jumping off the Titan! 


While there are many ‘must-see’ attractions in Moab, it is difficult to list only five. Moab is a wonderful town with hundreds, if not thousands of recreation opportunities, petroglyph sites, hiking trails, and spectacular arches to view. We’ve done our best to outline a few that visitors can enjoy via a day trip, and could potentially do all of these in a long weekend. If this is your first time visiting Moab please remember to STAY ON TRAIL, as there is an extremely delicate layer of cryptobiotic soils that exist out here. These soils are crucial to the water retention in this desert, take decades to grow, and can be destroyed with a simple misstep. Enjoy Moab, bring plenty of water, stay on the trail, and bring your camera!