(Photo Credit: Kaya Lindsay) 

Moab is known for its challenging, yet beautiful mountain biking trails. Many folks will come from all over the world to enjoy Moabs classic trails like The Whole Enchilada, The White Rim Trail, and even the Navajo Rocks Loop, all of which are fantastic–but very challenging–trails. 

But how do you get into this sport when all the classics are technical and extremely challenging? Mountain Biking can be really intimidating! If these black diamond and double black diamond routes are not for you (yet!), then look no further. We rounded up a list of the best beginner Mountain Biking Trails in Moab and have listed them below. Enjoy! 

Klonzo Trails (Willow Springs Area)

(Photo Credit: Trailsource.com) 

The Klonzo Trails are great for beginning or aspiring mountain bikers. A series of interconnecting loop trails with fairly low elevation gain or descent make these trails ideal for folks just trying to get a feel for their new bikes or practice moderately technical terrain. You’ll also be in good company, as most folks who bike out here are also beginners. Bring your new bike and budding technical skills for a spin on the Klonzo Trails! 

Trailhead: 38.701772, -109.652596

Difficulty: Easy 

Distance: What you make it

Dead Horse Point State Park

(Photo Credit: Kaya Lindsay) 

Dead Horse Point State Park is already a fantastic Moab destination. The view from the top is stellar, and the trails that run along the edge of the plateau display some truly gorgeous vistas. The loop trail is a beautiful (yet spooky) trail that runs the entire rim of the plateau feature that makes up Dead Horse Point State Park. There are no rails along parts of the trail so be careful near the edges! However, if you are already planning to check out the Dead Horse Point, this would be an excellent addition to your trip. Additionally, you can make the trail shorter by taking the Raven Roll trail. 

Trailhead: 38.488795, -109.736120

Difficulty: Easy/Moderate 

Distance: 14.5 Miles

Bar M Trail

(Photo Credit: Flickr) 

A classic moderate mountain biking destination, the Bar M trails are just a short drive off 191. Heading North out of town, take the first right after Arches National Park into a large gravel parking lot. Here you will find tons of trails friendly to beginning mountain bikers. There are two different major loops you can do, one at 8 miles, and the other at about 11 miles long. The longer of the two loops has about 700 feet of elevation gain and descent, whereas the shorter one only has about 200. There are also tons of interconnecting loops that you can lengthen or shorten your ride. Each loop comes highly recommended so enjoy! 

Trailhead: 38.651725, -109.668369

Difficulty: Moderate to Easy

Distance: 8+ Miles 

Mountain Biking in Moab

(Photo Credit: Mick Haupt) 

If you’re new to Mountain Biking in Moab, we have tons of friendly staff at Moab Gear Trader who can help you get the right gear for your adventure. Make sure you stop by for helmets, bike shorts, gloves, shoes, and athletic clothes! Also, if you are new to mountain biking, please remember to not recreate on wet sandstone. Wait for at least 24 hours until the trails have dried before adventuring out into new-to-you territory. 

We look forward to seeing you in our store very soon!