Current Conditions

Rain has finally come to the Moab Valley!  Did you remember where you left your rain jacket?  You wouldn’t have needed it since November 9th, when we last had a little moisture.  Weather stations in the Moab valley have reported between .1″ and .18″ inches of rain so far.  NOAA has forecast that the storm is ending though, so don’t cancel your plans yet!

We received almost 4″ of snow last night in Gold Basin according to the new SNOTEL site built by the Utah Avalanche Center and USFS.  The previous site was lost in the Pack Creek Fire earlier this summer.  This snow fell on either bare ground on lower elevations and south facing slopes, or on old rotten snow that fell in October and early November.  Snow levels appear to be as low as 7000′ since we could see snow on South Mesa this morning as well as Monticello

Traffic cam from Peter’s hill on 191 near Monticello, Utah

Around the region, interestingly, no where else received any rain except SE Utah.  Snow stuck to the grass and trees around Monticello this morning, but roads were just wet.   Solider summit was dry if you are heading into SLC for the week.

Wet rock will prevent any rock climbing today, as well as muddy trails will make most mountain biking a bad idea.  Check current trail conditions at Poison Spider’s Website

Weather Forecast

Today’s storm is on it’s way out, but there is more in store this week!  NOAA shows .5″ of rain starting Thursday morning and turning into an inch of snow late that night.  Highs in the mid 30s on Friday should allow roads to clear easily.  The big news is the 30″+ forecast for the La Sals this week!  The storm will slowly start on Wednesday, but the real accumulation should start on Thursday morning.

Point forecast from NOAA for 10,000′

Water Supply

Snow might be fun for sliding, but when it melts, it affects many more people.  Even though October was above average for precipitation, the current status is not good whether you ski, paddle, irrigate, or live in the arid west.  Even the Northwest is significantly below average. 

Store Conditions

Down in the shop, where it’s always 70 degrees and dry, we are eagerly waiting for the snow to build up enough to start sliding.  The fall climbing and mountain biking  season last longer than I can remember this year.  We hope you had an opportunity to take advantage of the mild temperatures for the last few weeks.

Despite global supply issues, we are well stocked in Nordic ski equipment, snow shoes, sleds, and warm clothing so you can play all day!  As always, we are open 8AM to 9PM every day of the week.  We are working hard to keep our website updated with our inventory, but we do not have it all there yet.  Be sure to call or stop by if you can’t find what you are looking for.

With this snow comes the end to the ice access.  Did you get some skating this year?  Thanks for reading!  Let us know if you have any conditions to share for our update at [email protected].

Photo below is Dark Canyon Lake last Sunday with Mount Tomasaki bathed in sunset in the background.