Moab Winter Condition Update 12/17

Welcome back to the Moab Winter Conditions! We’re finally starting to get some weather this December. There have been a few sizable storms in the La Sals, but around town has yet to see any snow.

Mountain Conditions

The recent storm on the night of the 14th gave us a few extra inches up in the La Sals.  The trails have plenty of snow for playing, but off the trail one should still use extreme caution.

The snowpack is still quite thin, so be careful if you’re going up there to ski. Don’t ruin your season now by damaging your skis (or yourself) on a rock or stump. 


Updated 4/3/23 11am (Refresh for latest update)


  • Gold Basin 10,000′ (source: UAC – DONATE TODAY!)
    • Base:  100″   24 hr: 0
  • Snow Water Equivalent – % of Normal


ROADS:(let us know if we should update these!)

  • Geyser Pass Road snowpacked
  • Loop Road – 



We have about 84% of average snowpack as of Thursday, so let’s hope more storms can keep it close to average this winter


Road Conditions

Geyser pass was plowed on 12/15.  Thanks Grand County Road Dept!  It is snow packed, but 4 or all wheel drive should suffice.  There will probably be quite a bit of enthusiastic snow lovers driving up (and down) this weekend, so go slow and remember courtesy is your best friend!  And watch that soft shoulder.  Watch our website for updates on the next plowing operations since the road is closed while they work. 


As a general reminder, it’s a good idea to have chains, shovel, tow strap, blankets, water, and other survival supplies when traveling in the mountains in the winter.  Geyser pass is no exception!  We see folks stuck almost every day we are up there.  There is limited cell service in the La Sals, so you may have to hike downhill a bit to call for reinforcements!

Avalanche Conditions

It is very easy to recreate in the La Sals in the winter without any risk of avalanches.  Simply stay off and out from under  slopes greater than 30 degrees and you are set.  Miles of Nordic and snowshoe trails exist that are far from any avalanche terrain.  But if you are heading onto steeper slopes, the folks at the Utah Avalanche Center do amazing work tracking and monitoring the avalanche conditions in the La Sals. They have almost daily updates, and they rely on local folks to do on the ground reports of backcountry conditions. 


For more information on avalanche conditions, please visit the Utah Avalanche Center


Desert Conditions

Moab precipitation – .0” last 24hrs

The recent rain has closed a fair amount of the mountain bike trails, and all outdoor rock climbing should be postponed until the rock dries out completely. Sunny trails and crags are likely dry at this point, but be careful on shady trails or north facing crags as they may still be holding the moisture from the last few days. 

The Moab area is as beautiful as ever, and hearty outdoor enthusiasts should consider hiking or exploring sunnier parts of Moab that are too hot to see in the summer. It is a great time to see Arches or Canyonlands, as tourist visitation is at an all time low. 

For the Mountain Bikers out there, check out the updated trail conditions from Poison Spyder

Weather Conditions 

So far, it has been a fairly dry winter in Moab this year, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be cold! The warm spell seems to finally have broken, as the next week seems to keep us in the low 40’s during most days and dropping down to the mid teens at night. With those temps, creeks will start to freeze and hiking trails may stay icy with the scattering of precipitation we are likely to get. Check out the many types of traction devices we have at Moab Gear Trader for hikers determined to get out in the snow this winter. 


4000’ Moab forecast. – The precipitation in Moab looks to be fairly low for the rest of the week, and temps will continue to hover around the low 40’s and the high 30’s. Around Christmas time we may begin to see some rain, and if we’re lucky enough it might even snow on Christmas morning!

10,000’ La Sal Forecast – Crisp, cold, sunny and perfect for exercising in the mountains is all we see until later next week.  Highs in the 20s, minimal wind.  We’ll update the forecast as we get closerto the Christmas weekend.  

Store Conditions

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