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Happy Holidays everyone! We are deep in the gift buying season, and if you have a loved one who enjoys the outdoors but you don’t know what to get them, look no further! We at Moab Gear Trader have assembled a gift guide for the outdoor enthusiasts in your life. Just scroll down until you find the sport your loved one is into, and we have the perfect give for them!

Please enjoy, and we look forward to seeing you in our store this Holiday Season.  We’ll be open 8Am to 9pm every day this holiday season!

Rock Climbing 

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Those daredevils who spend too much time defying gravity need gifts too! Consider getting them something safe, like a helmet, or a new rope, (they probably need it). You can also take a look at our collection of used climbing gear, there are a lot of gems that folks have gotten rid of over the years! 

Belay Device


A shiny new belay device is always a great gift for climbers. They’re not too expensive, but climbers can get many years of use out of them! The sand out here is always wearing them out, so the climber in your life will appreciate the fresh new equipment. 

Guide Book


The Creek Freak book is a timeless gift for the crack climbing enthusiast in your life. A comprehensive guide to all of the rock climbing in Moab is exactly what your rock climber needs!

Snow Sports

Kaya Lindsay Snowboard

(Photo Credit: Kaya Lindsay

Whether it’s skiing, snowboarding, or snowshoeing, the outdoor enthusiast in your life will definitely need some warm layers this winter season! At Moab Gear Trader we have all your wintery needs, especially this time of year. From second hand jackets, to brand new goggles, we have everything your loved one could need for the Holidays. 

Ski Wax


Ski wax is easy to apply, great for Nordic skiing, downhill skiing, and backcountry skiing alike! Help give the snow enthusiast in your life the gift of a smooth ride through the powder, it’s a feeling they live for. 

Ski File


Put the edge back on to your loved ones skis by helping them maintain the sharpness of the blades. This is a compact gift that will help maintain your loved one’s skis for years to come!



Snow shoes are a wonderful way to enjoy the snow, that almost anyone can do! Go for long hikes through the snow covered trees, or just romp out on your local trails. We promise a pair of snowshoes will be appreciated! 

Mountain Biking 

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The mountain biking in Moab is world class, and your loved one likely knows it! Help them prepare for the spring season by getting them stocked up on all the mountain bike essentials. 

Chain Lube


Riding in the desert can get dusty. Chain lube can help prevent unnecessary damage to the delicate inner workings of a mountain bike. Chain lube is a great option for stocking stuffers! 

Hydration Bladder


It’s important to stay hydrated in the desert. Give the one you love the gift of a comfortable hydration bladder! And did we mention they have a lifetime warranty? 


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If your loved one enjoys seeing the sights, bring them the gift of a pair of sturdy hiking boots! (or maybe something for blister care?) There are so many ways to bring joy to someone who enjoys hiking, from stickers for their water bottles to some easy on-the-go hiking snacks. We have you covered!

Deuter Packs 

We are fortunate enough to have a large selection of Deuter packs that are perfect for any one who enjoys the majesty of clean air, and a good long walk. If you plan on getting one of these for a friend or family member, you better hurry! They are currently 40% off! 







Alps Baja 60


We also have a great deal on the Alps Baja Hydration Pack. Which is the perfect pack for those longer hikes that may turn into overnighters. Currently the Alps Baja Packs are 40% off! 

Furry Friends

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Don’t forget the pup! Your four legged adventure buddy gets a gift too! If your loved one has a furry friend, you have plenty of options for the perfect gift. 

LED Collar


Love taking your dog on night hikes but worried about losing them? An LED collar is the thing for you! Keep track of your pooch (or your friends pooch) while enjoying a guilt free hike as the sunsets. 



Many dogs treat their leashes as some kind of elaborate chew toy. Grab a durable NRS leash for the folks in your life who love to bring their dogs along for the adventure.

River Sports

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Although not quite in season yet, the river enthusiasts out there are always stock piling more gear for their next river run. 


The most important thing to bring with you on any river trip is a PFD! We have some amazing deals on PFDs in the store right now, as all of them are currently 40% off.







Sand Stakes


An essential, but often overlooked item for those wanting to get into river sports. These locally made sand stakes will last a literal lifetime and allow you to tie up your boat when there is nothing else around.

Paco Pads


Give the gift of a good night’s sleep! Paco Pads will hold their value for years and years to come, and they are the most comfortable nights sleep you’ll ever have. On the river or otherwise.


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Not sure if your loved one fits into this category? We have plenty of outdoor gear and goodies that we know anyone interested in the outdoors would be grateful to unwrap on Christmas morning. 



With plenty of colors to choose from, who doesn’t need a collapsible bucket? They make great gifts for anyone who enjoys recreating in the outdoors. 

Xtratuf Boots

All of our Xtratuf Boots are 40% off right now. These legendary and durable rubber boots keep your feet dry when it’s wet out, but also have enough traction to keep you upright on slick surfaces.  









A hammock shouldn’t have to be explained, everyone loves them! And right now our two person hammocks are 20% off, 10% for each person to enjoy it. 



A practical gift that can easily be shoved into a stocking, or made part of a gift basket. WAG bags are portable toilets that help prevent the build up of human waste in our natural places. 

Water Bottles and Insulated Mugs

We have heaps of water bottles and insulated mugs. These great gifts last for a lifetime and are nearly indestructible! Feel free to add a handful of stickers from our counter so your loved one can add a personal touch to their new favorite camping coffee mug.







BB & Pellet Guns

Practice your marksmanship with friends. This is a fun activity for the whole family!









Everyone needs a knife, from cutting kindling, to preparing a backcountry meal, there’s never a bad time to have a pocket knife. At Moab Gear Trader we have many options, and many are on sale!

Theracane Massager


You may buy the Theracane for your friend or family member, and then have to buy them another one because you love it so much! This back massager helps get those hard to reach places on your sore back. It’s your new best friend!

Happy Holidays!

(Photo Credit: Kaya Lindsay

Whether you’re a snow and ice enthusiast, a river lover, or into long distance backpacking. Moab Gear Trader has the equipment you need for the best gear, at the best price! We look forward to seeing you back in the shop real soon.