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Christmas is just around the corner! And if you, like me, have barely done any of your Christmas shopping, you probably just exist in a mild state of panic right now. Life comes at you fast and the Holidays always seem to sneak up on you! 

If you’re struggling to come up with outdoorsy gifts for folks in your life, don’t worry, at Moab Gear Trader, we’ve got everything you’ll need for outdoor recreation holiday gifts. 

Stocking Stuffers 

Stocking stuffers are my favorite part of the holidays. It’s a fun opportunity to get little presents for the people you care about, for some reason these are so much more satisfying to purchase than big-ticket items. 

Hand Warmers 

If the person in your life loves being outside, there is no scenario where hand warmers won’t get used. Put them in your pockets, your chalk bag, your shoes, your sleeping bag, or your gloves! 


Kaya Lindsay Crack Climbing Moab

(Photo Credit: Kaya Lindsay

For the climber in your life, they can always use tape and or chalk. It’s a hassle for climbers to buy, but they love having it around. It’s cheap, and easy to pick up, and fits perfectly in a stocking!

Ski Wax/Tuning Supplies

(Photo Credit: Marshall Dvorscak) 

Give the gift of good ski maintenance to the backcountry adventurer in your life. We have everything you need; wax, brushes, plastic scrapers, and more! 


Kaya Lindsay Sticker Water Bottle

(Photo Credit: Kaya Lindsay

Classic stocking stuffers. We have plenty of stickers from local artists featuring beautiful Moab landscapes or just adorable desert caricatures. You can support local artists and represent Moab at the same time! 

Gift Ideas 

Kaya Lindsay Hiking Vedauwoo

(Photo Credit: Kaya Lindsay

Looking for something more substantial than a stocking stuffer? We got you. 

Gift Cards

The easiest way to make sure you get someone something they love is to let them pick it out themselves! Particularly if your outdoorsy friend needs new boots or other technical gear that should be tried on first. Just ask our friendly staff about gift cards when you walk in! 

Snow Shoes 

(Photo Credit: Marshall Dvorscak) 

New to snow? Snowshoes are a great way to get out into the mountains! They also make great gifts for the hikers in your life. We have new and used snowshoes for purchase at Moab Gear Trader. 


Help the resort skier in your life take their first steps towards getting into the backcountry! Buying skins for your loved one can help get them excited about skiing in the La Sals this winter. 

Avalanche Gear

Speaking of backcountry skiing, keep the people in your life safe by buying them avalanche gear! We have shovels, probes, and beacons, from brands like Black Diamond, Arva, and Pieps. 

Warm Weather Clothes

(Photo Credit: Marshall Dvorscak) 

Beanies, hoodies, puffy jackets, and even socks make excellent cold weather presents. We have both new and used warm weather clothing in all sizes at Moab Gear Trader. Don’t take our word for it, come check them out!

Traction Devices 

Particularly relevant for hiking in and around Moab right now, traction devices can help make your weekly hikes more secure. The north-facing slopes all winter will be slick with ice, purchase some traction devices for the outdoorsy adventurer in your life. 

Moab Gear Trader Beanies and Caps

(Photo Credit: Marshall Dvorscak)

We have brand new beanies and caps in tons of different colors in the shop right now. Several of the beanies have a gorgeous silhouette of Arches stitched on the front, and our caps are embroidered with a variety of different decals. 

Guide Books

Hiking trails, mountain bike trails, obscure climbs, jeep roads, the best backcountry spots, etc. Every outdoor adventure sport has its own set of guidebooks. For this holiday season help fuel the stoke for your loved ones chosen sport by getting them the newest guidebook for an area they love. It can inspire all-new adventures! 

(Photo Credit: Kaya Lindsay

Shopping for last-minute gifts is stressful, but at Moab Gear Trader it doesn’t have to be. We have friendly staff who are more than willing to walk you through the store and help you pick out the perfect item for the outdoorsy people in your life. Whether your loved ones are backcountry skiers, avid rock climbers, adventurous hikers, or weekend warriors looking to get into canyoneering, we have everything you need to bring out the holiday cheer. 

Moab Gear Trader is Moab’s winter sports headquarters! We have the largest selection of skis, sleds, traction devices, and snowshoes in Moab. Meet all of your winter adventure needs with Moab Gear Trader. 

See you (with your mask on) soon!