Nicole Katon is a much-appreciated staff member from Burlington Vermont! She wound up in Moab after a chance encounter in Fort Collins which led her to meet her fiance. Originally from Moab, he convinced her to relocate to this sunny corner of the Utah desert. 

She instantly fell in love with the landscape here, albeit drastically different than the wet forested environment of Vermont. 

Nicole has worked with Moab Gear Trader for a year and a half and enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, snowboarding and recently took up mountain biking! 

To Nicole, it doesn’t really matter what she’s doing, as long as she is doing it outside. The mountains and the quiet sounds of nature bring Nicole a little slice of heaven. 

She always knew she wanted more out of life than what Vermont could offer, and is proud of the road trip she took that led her to her fiance, Moab, and Moab Gear Trader. 

If you spot Nicole in the wild she will definitely have a full CamelBak in her bag, the heat in Utah is no joke and you won’t catch Nicole dehydrated on the trail!

On your next visit to Moab Gear Trader stop by and ask Nicole about the “doggie sleepovers” she is fond of hosting for local shelter dogs!