Thanksgiving has come and gone in Moab, which means tourists will begin to filter out as the weather begins to turn cold. The La Sals have begun to see a seasonal dusting, but not much has stuck except for at the peaks. According to the Utah Avalanche Center, there is a light sugary, faceted snow at the base of the snowpack which will not bode well for future stability in the La Sals. The temperatures in Moab continue to decline over the course of the next few days, however, there is no guaranteed snow in the forecast. 

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La Sal Mountain Conditions

La Sals

(Photo Credit: Kaya Lindsay

The La Sals have a shallow dusting of snow, mostly on north-facing, shady slopes above 9000′ and depths range from a few inches to 18″. As of today, there is approximately 4 inches of snow on the ground at the Geyser Pass Trailhead, but not anything to write home about. 

We have not heard anything about the upcoming Nordic grooming season, but you can check out LUNA’s Facebook Page for updates and to DONATE to the effort.

Utah Avalanche Center has just updated their amazing website, so be sure to stay tuned for the latest updates on snow, avalanche forecasts, road, and grooming conditions.

Moab Conditions

The weather continues to chill in Moab right now, with a steady decline in temperatures over the next 7 days. Today the high was 44 degrees, with a low around 17 degrees at 6 am. The skies are sunny and clear, however, which makes for excellent hiking, biking, and climbing weather. In shadier canyons, frost is beginning to accumulate and stick even during the middle of the day. In Mill Creek, there was even a bit of ice covering a shallow section of the creek. Dead Horse point roads are clear, as well as roads leading to Blanding and Monticello.

Regional Conditions

Snow is not on our radar for the moment in most of the Moab area. If you’re looking for snow I would recommend checking out Wolf Creek Pass outside of Durango or Saint Mary’s Glacier outside of Denver. However, temperatures are definitely dropping all throughout the region! All we need is a little bit of precipitation and snow will begin to fall for sure. 

Denver: Mid 50’s and 40’s

Vernal: High 30’s and low 40’s

Jackson Hole: Low 30’s

Salt Lake City: Mid 40’s 

Flagstaff: High 40’s 

Durango: High 40’s 

Weather Forecast

Amanda Heidt Mill Creek

A gradual decline in temperature is on the horizon for Moab. Tonight’s low is 22 degrees with a high of 44 tomorrow. Throughout the next week, we should see temps hovering around the high 40’s during the day, with below-freezing temperatures overnight. It’s definitely sweater and puffy jacket weather, but maybe still wear a t-shirt under your jacket so you can peel off the warmer stuff for strenuous activities in the sun. 

Shop Conditions

Moab Gear Trader Shop Conditions

The Holidays are here! Get your Christmas shopping done early at Moab Gear Trader. We have a large selection of everything the outdoor enthusiast in your life could ever want. From ammo cans to four-season tents, to comfortable sleeping pads and the coziest of sleeping bags, we’ve got you covered. Remember, hand warmers, stickers, and even (small) dry bags make excellent stocking stuffers! We hope to see you and your loved ones in our shop very soon as The Holiday’s fast approach. 


Camping is an all-season activity! Don’t let cold temps and a little bit of snow deter you from getting after it. We currently have all of our camping gear stocked and ready to help keep you safe, warm, and dry on your next adventure. 


You will want warm layers for hiking right now. We have base layers, gloves, gaiters, and of course puffy jackets. Make sure to purchase your traction devices early! If you want to see Delicate Arch in the snow, you must have a set of traction devices in order to hike safely. 


Moab Gear Trader Climbing

The climbing is stellar right now! Great temps in the sun, and maybe even a few more days of shady climbing if you’re bold. We have new shoes from Unparallel, tons of ropes, and we are currently waiting for the High On Moab Book to stock, so check back soon. 


We always stock basic accessories for bikes, including lights, bells, gloves, sleeves and more. Our newest addition to the store is brand new helmets from smith, so keep that in mind when shopping for the Mountain Bike enthusiast in your life this holiday season!

Nordic Skiing

Nordic Skiing Moab Gear Trader

Moab Gear Trader has the largest in-stock inventories of metal edge nordic skis in the west. We are the place to meet all your backcountry skiing needs. Make sure you shop early for the best selection. Last year (and every year) our high-end selection went quick! We have a wide variety of boots, poles, and clothing for your first or fiftieth time in the backcountry this winter. 

Snow Shoes 

Snowshoeing is one of the most popular outdoor snow activities. We have a large selection of snowshoes for all abilities so you can go out on your first day and have fun! Remember to stay warm and layer up, you can easily sweat out and get cold. We have plenty of base layers, mid-layers, and puffy jackets to keep you warm in the snow. And don’t forget the gaiters!

Avalanche Gear 

The shop is stocked with avalanche gear this time of year, so stay safe and stock up. We have shovels, probes, and beacons, from brands like Black Diamond, Arva, and Piets. If you intend to do some winter mountaineering this season you will need a fully equipped avalanche kit. We also have plenty of ice axes, snow flukes, warm winter mountaineering jackets, and boots! 

We look forward to seeing you (with a mask!) in our store for all your winter needs very soon.

Moab Gear Trader Mask