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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Time to bring out the winter coats, dust off your skis, and bring out the ice tools. Winter is ever so slowly making its way to Moab, and very soon we will all have a veritable winter wonderland to play in! 

It’s also the perfect time to stretch your gift buying muscles. What are you planning to get the ice climber in your life? Or how about the backcountry enthusiast? Or what about your friend who just wants to get into snowshoeing? 

In this handy dandy gift guide, we will go over a few excellent options for the outdoor enthusiast in your life!

Winter Coat

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(Photo Credit: Kaya Lindsay

Basic, I know, but a new down or synthetic jacket can make or break a winter season. Where will your loved ones be spending their time this winter? Do they need a waterproof jacket? Do they need a light activewear coat? Maybe just a vest to layer over something lighter? Get the outdoor enthusiast in your life something warm and cozy to keep back the winter chill this holiday season. 


Technical gloves are different for each outdoor activity. Belay gloves for climbing, ski gloves for backcountry folks, gloves with smartphone sensitive fingertips for those of us who like iPhone photography (ahem). A pair of winter gloves can go a long way for folks who need to use their hands in the cold. 

Insulated Buff

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(Photo Credit: Kaya Lindsay

These days an insulated buff isn’t just about keeping your face warm, it also helps keep you COVID safe. Buffs are good for everyone who enjoys recreating in the winter. From mountain bikers to hikers, to skiers, it’s guaranteed to keep the face and nose of the person you love free of frostbite! It’s also just a nice gift when you’re shopping on a budget. 

Insulated Overalls 

This might be a bit on the pricier side of gifts, but there is literally nothing more comfortable than a pair of insulated overalls. These can be worn over your climbing clothes, or in the car on the way to the mountain. They are also just super practical and comfortable if you ever need to spend an extended amount of time in the snow. Perfect for camping, hiking, and relaxing around camp as well! 

Down Booties 

In my opinion, the perfect holiday present for anyone who enjoys winter recreation. They aren’t practical technical gear, but man are they perfect at the end of a long cold day. Imagine individual sleeping bags, but one for each of your feet. That’s the power of down booties. 

Hand Warmers 

Did someone say stocking stuffers? You can put hand warmers in everything from your pockets, to your shoes, to the bottom of your sleeping bag, to your partner’s chalk bag. They’re super useful, easy to buy, and no matter what, will definitely get used!


Socks are supposed to be a super weak gift. I strongly disagree! Most outdoor enthusiasts need thick, warm, socks in order to do their winter sport, and most of them just use regular old socks that have been worn out for the last 3 seasons. Getting someone a pair of thick wool socks is a practical and economical present that will last them for (potentially) years to come!

Sturdy Boots 

(Photo Credit: Marshall Dvorscak) 

At Moab Gear Trader, we just restocked our Rossignol and Alpina boots. We have an excellent selection of high quality mountaineering, ski touring, and hiking boots that will keep your feet warm and dry. I recommend coming into the store and sitting down with the person you intend to buy boots for and having them try a few on. This way you can be sure you’re getting them a pair of boots that will be perfect for their feet, as well as for their sport. 


(Photo Credit: Marshall Dvorscak) 

This one’s easy! Sleds are just super fun! And what winter experience would be complete without a few days of sledding? We have a wide variety of sleds at Moab Gear Trader. As soon as the first snows hit, you’ll be glad you grabbed a sled!


Anyone you buy a pair of gaiters for will thank you every time they have to (unfortunately) start post-holing. It’s not a gift many people will buy themselves, and even if someone already has a pair, what is the harm in getting them a nicer (more waterproof) pair?

This holiday season make sure to stop by Moab Gear Trader for all your winter gift needs! What better way to show your loved ones you care than to help them get after it this winter? Buying them warm and cozy gifts for the cold is like giving them a hug they can carry with them wherever they go! 

On your next stop through Moab, make sure to visit us at Moab Gear Trader on Main Street. Our friendly staff is always available to help you pick out the perfect gift for the holiday season, walk you through a new sports equipment needs, or just chat about local conditions. We will get you and your loved ones bundled up for your next winter hike, bike, ski, or climb. At Moab Gear Trader we have the best gear at the best prices for the best adventures. 

See you soon!