Winter is on it’s way to Moab! In the last 24 hours temperatures have sunk to below freezing for most of the day and we’ve started to see an increase of snow in the La Sals and the surrounding cliff bands in Moab. The best is yet to come, however, with a forecast of a snowstorm in the La Sals this weekend!

The Utah Avalanche Center has recently updated their report on the La Sals, however, the report is subject to change after this weekend’s storm. Currently, there is snow mostly above 9500’, and it ranges in depth from a few inches to about 18”. The snow is concentrated mostly on north-facing slopes, and is primarily a weak, sugary, substance that does not bode well for future stability. 

A recent observation from last week showed snow in Dark Canyon, but it’s not quite anything to write home about… yet. 


(Photo Credit: Aaron Kawcak)

Moab Gear Trader is Moab’s Winter Sports Headquarters!  We have Moab’s largest selection of hiking traction for icy trails, snowshoes for mount adventures, backcountry avalanche gear, and one of the largest brick and mortar collections of Nordic Touring Gear in the US.  We also are well stocked with NEW & USED hats, gloves, scarves, balaclavas, snow boots, hand warmers, goggles, and mittens.  These tools will allow you to enjoy our desert and mountain home comfortably.

La Sal Mountain Conditions

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It’s cold, like truly cold, in the La Sals right now. Oowah lake has frozen over, and a few ice enthusiasts have taken to ice skating on the frozen lake. The road out there has not yet closed, but it may after this weekend’s storm. Most of the creeks and streams have completely frozen over and are beginning to form a treacherous layer of ice on the roads, so be careful! 

After this weekend it is unlikely you’ll be able to take your Honda Civic into the mountains anymore. Weather reports indicate that we should see between 5-9 inches of snow accumulating on Saturday. If you are going to recreate up there make sure you bring chains or at least have a 4-wheel drive vehicle. 

It’s important to note that we are currently at 7% snowpack of what is typical for this time of year. Last year we had significantly more snow in the La Sals by this point in December. Hopefully, the coming of this storm signifies the end of the bad weather in Moab this year. 

We have not heard anything about the upcoming Nordic grooming season, but you can check out LUNA’s Facebook Page for updates and to DONATE to the effort.

Utah Avalanche Center has just updated their amazing website, so be sure to stay tuned for the latest updates on snow, avalanche forecasts, road, and grooming conditions.

Moab Conditions

It’s cold in Moab! The skies have been mostly clear during the day, with occasional clouds. However, the forecast predicts much more cloud cover in the next week or so. No snow has stuck around town and all roads leading in and out of town are still accessible. Businesses are beginning to close for the season, however, but not us! Moab Gear Trader is the premier winter sports location for Moab. 

The high today is 40 degrees, which will only decrease as the day goes on. A low tonight of 26 degrees will stay mostly around there once the snow begins to fall. Snow should begin around 10am tomorrow morning and continue throughout the day and into the early evening. 

It’s still warm enough during the day to get out and explore, but make sure you bring traction devices for any hikes with shady sections. Most of the creeks and streams are frozen over, and north-facing slopes can be treacherous. 

Dead Horse point roads are still clear, as well as roads leading to Blanding and Monticello.

Regional Conditions

(Photo Credit: Marshall Dvorscak)

Snow is on its way to the area! It should be snowy this weekend with light snow sticking around for a few days due to low temps. Next week it will be closer to the mid 40’s during the day, but still well below freezing at night. It’s a good time to replace the batteries in your headlamps and stock up on warm winter layers just in case you get stuck out after 4pm. The days are still getting shorter and shorter, so plan your adventures accordingly! 

Denver: Snow all weekend and low 40’s throughout the next week!

Vernal: Snow on Saturday and low 30’s throughout the next week! 

Jackson Hole: Snow every day next week with a high of 28 degrees

Salt Lake City: Snow almost every day next week with a high of 38

Flagstaff: An awkward mix of snow and rain on Saturday with sunny skies and temps in the high 40’s all next week

Durango: Definitely snow on Saturday, with sunny skies and temperatures hovering around the low 30’s all week

Weather Forecast

The cold weather continues to improve in Moab. There’s a high of 45 next Friday, but leading up to that every day should max out around the high 30’s to low 40’s. We have our very exciting storm coming up this weekend, which should accumulate around an inch of snow in town, but significantly more in higher elevations around town and in the La Sals. 

Tuesday of next week will be our nicest day, with sunny skies and mild (for the season) temps. I would start planning your adventures around the sun, and Tuesday would be a great day to do some snowshoeing in the La Sals, or even just a short hike around town. 

Shop Conditions

(Photo Credit: Marshall Dvorscak)

It is the Holiday season in Moab and we are ready for winter! This week we’ve completely redone our back rooms. So please come by and check out what winter goodies we have in store for you and your loved ones. The first day of Hanukkah was yesterday, and Christmas is just around the corner. If you’re looking for small presents or stocking stuffers, we encourage you to shop local and come visit us at Moab Gear Trader. We have fishing lures (and bait!), all the ski tuning supplies you could ever want, stickers, mugs, insulated thermoses, camp pillows, foam rollers, ski goggles and so much more! 

If you plan to cut down your own Christmas Tree this year, make sure to snag your permit from the BLM or the Forest Service

We hope to see you and your loved ones in our shop very soon as the Holiday’s fast approach.


(Photo Credit: Marshall Dvorscak)

Many people will be forgoing camping this time of year, however we know there are still a few snow camping crazies out there. Are you one of them? Make sure you have a warm sleeping bag and pad to keep you cozy during the below-freezing night temps. Stop by the shop to check out our large selection of 0° and even colder rated bags. Did you know your sleeping pad also needs to be insulated for comfortable winter camping?


Warm layers aren’t just about jackets and boots. Make sure you have a neck gaiter, warm socks, gloves, hats, long underwear and more for your weekly hike to Hidden Valley. Layering up will be crucial to your enjoyment of outdoor hikes. For future winter hikes, make sure to purchase your traction devices early! If you want to see Delicate Arch in the snow, you must have a set of traction devices in order to hike safely. 


It may be getting too cold to climb in Moab, but we know there are still a few desperate climbers out and about seeking the sunny crags. Bring your puffiest jackets to the crag and don’t forget the hand warmers! Belay gloves can make a huge difference as well, so make sure to pick a pair up on your way to the crag. 


We always stock basic accessories for bikes, including lights, bells, gloves, sleeves, and more. Our newest addition to the store is brand new helmets from Smith, so keep that in mind when shopping for the Mountain Bike enthusiast in your life this holiday season!

Nordic Skiing

(Photo Credit: Marshall Dvorscak)

Our nordic ski equipment will be the most commonly updated item in our store this time of year. We just got in new softshell pants for men and women that are ideal for cross country skiing and snowshoeing! These Swix brand pants will keep you warm when the temps are low, but cool enough that your sweat won’t cling to your body and freeze. 

We’re also having a closeout sale on ski helmets from Smith! They are 50% off MSRP for both youth and adults. 

Moab Gear Trader has the largest in-stock inventories of metal edge nordic skis in the west. We are the place to meet all your backcountry skiing needs. Make sure you shop early for the best selection. Last year (and every year) our high-end selection went quick! We have a wide variety of boots, poles, and clothing for your first or fiftieth time in the backcountry this winter. 

Snow Shoes 

There will be plenty of snowshoeing to be done in the La Sals and around Moab after this weekend, so make sure to get your snowshoes early! We always sell out right after the first storm of the season, and that is coming up real quick. Our friendly staff can help you pick out the right snowshoes for you, just stop by and we’ll get you set up in no time. Stay warm, layer up, and have a good time out there! 

Avalanche Gear 

The shop is stocked with avalanche gear this time of year, so stay safe and stock up. We have shovels, probes, and beacons, from brands like Black Diamond, Arva, and Pieps. If you intend to do some winter mountaineering this season you will need a fully equipped avalanche kit. We also have plenty of ice axes, snow flukes, warm winter mountaineering jackets, and boots! 

We look forward to seeing you (with a mask!) in our store for all your winter needs very soon.

Moab Gear Trader Mask

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