Current conditions at USGS/NPS Building, Moab

Fri, 18 Jun 2021 05:05:07 MDT

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Temperature 80.7° F
Dew Point 34.7° F
Wet bulb temperature 54.8° F
Relative Humidity 19%
Wind Speed 1.3 mph
Wind Gust 4.5 mph
Wind Direction S
Pressure 25.43 in
Altimeter 29.97 in
Precipitation 1hr 0.00 in
Battery voltage 12.81 volt

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Current conditions at Porcupine Canyon

Fri, 18 Jun 2021 05:05:08 MDT

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Temperature 84.4° F
Dew Point 31.9° F
Wet bulb temperature 55.4° F
Relative Humidity 15%
Wind Speed 2.6 mph
Wind Gust 6.6 mph
Wind Direction SSE
Pressure 25.55 in
Altimeter 29.92 in
Precipitation 30 min 0.00 in
Battery voltage 13.22 volt

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Current conditions at Canyonlands Field (Moab Airport)

Fri, 18 Jun 2021 05:05:09 MDT

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2.0m Temperature 80.6° F
2.0m Dew Point 26.6° F
2.0m Wet bulb temperature 52.6° F
2.0m Relative Humidity 14%
10.0m Wind Speed 0.0 mph
10.0m Wind Direction N
Pressure 25.36 in
Altimeter 29.98 in
Weather conditions Clear
Visibility 10.00 miles

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Rachel Hebert

Rachel Hebert has been a part of the Moab Gear Trader family since February of this year. She is originally from Huntsville Utah but came out to Moab for the incredible towers and canyons of [...]


Dylan Fadgen

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Samantha Weichert

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Mia Groff

Mia Groff is originally from Midland, Oregon, but has spent an extensive amount of time all over the Pacific Northwest. She comes to Moab and to Moab Gear Trader looking for sunshine and backpacking trails [...]


Sam Metzner

Sam has been working and living in Moab since the fall of 2017, but recently joined the Moab Gear Trader team in late 2020. She comes to us from Chapel Hill North Carolina, and enjoys [...]

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