Ahh, look at that sunshine! It’s been beautiful in Moab lately. The opportunities for recreation are returning, and everyone seems to be emerging from there shells. We see an increase in tourism, and the stoke is starting to be recharged. Get ready for another fantastic spring season because we aren’t so far away now. 

Road Conditions

The UAC has reported that roads are still icy and snow-packed in the La Sal’s. Capable vehicles are still highly recommended. The La Sal Loop Rd is passable; the Geyser Pass Rd is the one to be wary of at this time. Practice caution and always carry enough equipment to bail out if need be, There are no guard rails on the road up there!

Storm totals this week

We endured a sleeper storm this week! Seventeen inches were reported in the La Sal’s since 2/4/2020 courtesy of the UAC.

Colorado and Utah Ski Resorts near Moab saw anywhere from 4″ to 53″ in the last ten days. It’s been an incredible week for skiers! Here are the snow totals. 

I was skiing at Purgatory and Hesperus this last week, and the conditions were excellent. It was dumping up by Purgatory and Silverton earlier this week. The snow should still be great. Get out there and get yours!

Hesperus Mountain Resort

Backcountry Skiing

The conditions in the La Sal’s has been relatively icy and wind-scoured lately. The UAC has reported that there is still good snow to be found in sheltered areas. The goods are there for hunting. 

Moab Gear Trader is proud to sponsor the UAC’s Backcountry 101 course on February 15th and 16th. Consider attending the course if you’re new to backcountry skiing or would like a refresher. It’s always a smart idea to brush up avalanche avoidance and rescue skills. The course includes one lecture day and a day in the field. The cost is 150$. Sign up for the course here.

Cross Country Skiing and Snowshoeing. 

LUNA groomed the Geyser Pass Nordic Track to Gold Basin yesterday. With the fresh tracks and beautiful weather, it should be a stellar couple of days in the mountains.

Consider heading out to Colorado for some other ski options if you’ve been near Geyser Pass all season. Busted arm Draw near Norwood. CO is a great option. Have fun out there!

Conditions are looking good!’


We will enjoy sunny and bright weather this week with highs in the 50’s and Lows in the 26’s and 30’s. It’s finally time to get some warmer weather sports going. Our next chance for precipitation will be Sunday night into Monday with a slight chance of rain and snow. Use these next few days as an opportunity to get outside.

NOAA Weather for Moab

Highs will be in the 30’s and lows will be in the teens in The La Sal mountains. Our next chance for snow is Sunday into Monday. It should be sunny and beautiful up there on Saturday.

NOAA Weather for the La Sal’s

Mountain Biking

Several bike trails have opened up this week, and it looks to be pretty good conditions on what is open. Amasa/Capt Ahab, Poison Spider Mesa, and Slickrock are all accessible for riding with BAR-M trails partially open. It looks reasonably dry and fun on the Amasa trail. Please use caution, and if you’re making any ruts in the path, turn back. Please refer to the Poison Spider Trail Conditions Page for up to date information on trails opening back up.

Amasa Conditions 2/12/2020


Climbing conditions have been excellent and dry in the sun lately. I was able to get out yesterday to check out conditions and was delighted to find dry rock and T-Shirt weather temperatures. It’s a great time to go Climbing before it rains again later this week and could potentially shut it down. Splitter season will be here before we know it!

Mary Bjorklund is getting after it.

Canyoneering should be fine as long as everything has dried out enough. I’ve heard reports that there is still ice in U-Turn canyon and several other canyons in Arches as of Tuesday. Use reasonable caution and never drop a canyon if there is precipitation is in the forecast.


Hiking should be excellent this week in sunnier locations. Watch out for mud on the trails, and please be prepared to follow the path at all costs to avoid damaging the fragile ecosystem. Please be prepared for muddy or wet conditions on trails. We have all the gear you need at the shop to get you set up for winter hiking conditions. I made it out to Canyons of Ancients for a trail run, and it was delightful, though still icy in spots.

Shop Updates

We are slowly bringing out a little warm weather gear, and we still have many great deals around the shop. Come in to check out the savings! We still have several deals on new climbing ropes and climbing gear. Get set up for this warm weather while these deals still exist. We are open every day from 8 AM to 9 PM.

Employee Spotlight

Dillon Geiger

Dillon Geiger is a rock climber, snowboarder, and United States Marine Veteran from Colorado Springs, CO. He got his start in the outdoors when he started snowboarding at the age of 5. He also spent his childhood camping and hunting.

Dillon served overseas in the United States Marine Corps during the Iraq and Afghanistan War. His goal for life after the Marines is to become a mountain guide, and he’s taken meaningful steps in that direction after getting his AMGA Single Pitch Instructor certification. His favorite outdoor trip he’s undertaken is Climbing the Diamond on Long’s peak in Rocky Mountain National Park via the casual route.

Dillon’s favorite piece of gear is his headlamp because you might not always need it, but when you, you will be glad it came along. Eventually, he would like to get into Sailing because of the stillness of the ocean and cheap, affordable world travel. If you have any climbing or skiing questions for your adventures, Dillon is the guy to ask. Come on in to the shop and say hello!

Events this week

Backcountry 101: Introduction to Avalanches with The Utah Avalanche Center. Get an introduction to Avalanche safety with highly trained avalanche professionals. Please register here.  February 15, from 6:00-9:00 PM Grand County Emergency Operations Center (2600 S. Hwy 191 Moab, UT) and February 16, from 9:00-4:00 PM at The Geyser Pass Winter Trailhead

Moab’s Red Hot 33k and 55k Run. On February 15  at 8 AM for the 55k, and at 8:30 AM for the 33k.

Moab Giants Opening Day. On February 14, from 9 AM – 5 PM